Sunday, January 2, 2011

Getting organised in 2011

I hope that 2011 will be the year for me to get back to being organised. I was pretty 'anal' about being organised, before the kids, but have had to let it go all by the wayside, just so I could cope with child raising and getting the basics done.

I love to be organised. I love knowing what I have, what I don't, what I need, what I don't, where I can find anything at any given time. It gives me a great sense of joy.

From the 10th of January, B will be going to Kindergarten for 3 days a week and E will start Grade 1 at the end of January. This will be three whole days (well, 9:00am until 2:15pm) to get things done. Throw into those three days going for long walks, cooking everything from scratch, menu planning, working a couple nights a week, still trying to stay on top of the basics around the house and, well, let's hope it all works.

Some of the blogs I enjoy viewing on a regular basis, regarding organising, include Super Organiser Mum here in Australia run by Jade. She always has fresh, practical ideas and I can relate to all she does because she too has a young family. I Heart Organising in the USA, run by Jen, is also very good. She is always so inspiring and I wonder how she finds the time to get stuck into painting a piece of furniture or a wall, just to freshen up an old space. I love the way she uses what she's already got to give the space a new look. Both of these blogs have links to many other organising blogs that I frequent from time to time.

I'll hopefully be keeping track of spaces, before and after, to keep up my motivation.



  1. We started blogging within a day of each other Anne, how cool is that? Your first post seems to be as organised as you are Anne. I hope you were able to manage getting all your tasks completed in 3 short days - I know how fast the school day can fly. Thanks so much for linking up with I Must Confess this week! Kirsty @ My Home Truths

  2. 2013 is for me the year of getting organised... So far, it's very hard!

  3. I wish I was an organised person, I try but I feel it's just not in my DNA, or is it because I had 3 children in 3.5 years and it feels like I'm always chasing my tail?! Emily

  4. I wish I was an organised person too, but I never have been and never will be. Sigh. I seriously admire anyone who is though.


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