Friday, March 18, 2011

The Birthday Cakes - so far!

Vintage Birthday Party
[Photo courtesy of Zayabibu - Flickr)
When I had my children, I had grandiose ideas of their birthday parties being simple affairs with a plain vanilla cake, delightfully iced in their favourite colours with a few lollies sprinkled on top. How wrong was I? In the last couple of years they have become full on productions with my kitchen resembling a cake making factory in November (one born on the 9th and the other born on the 25th). I'm a born organiser and love to have a theme for each birthday and go the 'whole hog', only to regret it the next day when I'm totally exhausted.

I've always been okay at making cakes but decoratively icing them wasn't a strong forté of mine. I think I have come a long way since their first birthday cakes but still a long way to go. I'm trying to work on a way of telling the kids to have a combined birthday this year but being different genders and one a very 'girly girl' and the other a really 'boistrous boy', I'm not liking my chances.

B's 1st Birthday Cake:
No Fuss Fudge Cake filled with fresh cream and topped with icing and Beacon Mini Licorice Allsorts (South African brand) and Smarties.

B's 2nd Birthday Cake:

No Fuss Fudge Cake drowned by watery icing and topped with car lollies and sprinkles. (With a 2 year old toddler boy and a 4 year old daughter with attitude, I think I was lucky to get something on a plate!)

(B's 3rd birthday cake pictures were on the computer when it crashed so don't have them. It was a number '3' made like a race track with a real Lightning McQueen toy car on it.)

B's 4th Birthday Cake:
Homebrand vanilla packet cake topped with buttercream, milk bottle lollies cut for white lines on road. Figurines were inedible but trust me, attempts were made. This was a Buzz Lightyear CAR birthday theme. Not just Buzz Lightyear but the car! My boy is car mad!!!

E's 3rd Birthday cakes:
Homebrand vanilla cake mix decorated with marshmallows and Smarties in the form of frangipani flowers.

E's 4th Birthday Cake:
Homebrand vanilla cake mix with buttercream and store bought icing flowers. This was a My Little Pony themed birthday party.

Because she was in Kindergarten, the above cake wasn't enough. I also did a cake for the family for her actual birthday and cupcake cones for Kindy! Arggghhhhh!

E's 5th Birthday Cake:
Homebrand vanilla cake mix iced with buttercream. I created a volcano by baking some cake mix in a metal milkshake cup. Iced with chocolate icing and made red coloured toffee and broke in shards for lava. This was a "Land Before Time" dinosaur party. We had even created a 'Jurassic Park' environment under our back pergola with a camouflage net draped from above, long strips of crepe paper for jungle vines, dinosaur foot prints sprayed on the pavers. Heaps of dinosaur themed party snacks. Will try to remember to take photos of all that stuff from now on.

E's 6th Birthday Cake:
Again, Homebrand vanilla cake mix iced with bakery ready made icing. I bought 1kg of bakery icing cream for $3. It doesn't need to be refrigerated and I wondered how I might've kept this in the fridge if it was iced with buttercream. November weather isn't kind to butter icing in Brisbane. It piped really well. Tastes vile, but the kids seem to like it. I've been making the cake from the 70 cent Homebrand vanilla cake mix over the last few years as I've found it to be more cost effective. The kids usually just eat the icing and don't bother with the cake. There's always too much going on. This was a Barbie Princess themed birthday party. Will definitely try to get more photos at the kid's next birthdays.



  1. Your Wiggles Cake takes me back. Our girls are close to the same age. I remember that stage.

  2. I love making my childrens birthday cakes, I have made a few over teh years and slowly running out of ideas, not to mention the time! One of my little girls is turning three next weekend, I love the My Little Pony cake (she's a huge fan), I may just borrow your idea, looks simple but very effective....thanks for sharing!

  3. The Wiggles! Yes Megan. Only distant memories now. Master 4 is too cool for school for the Wiggles now, heaven forbid.

    You're very welcome Gooseberry Jam. Go right ahead. I always try to find a toy that will sit on the cake instead of even trying to replicate it in icing. The kids don't care. Nice of you to stop by.


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