Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Dolly for My Daughter

My 6 year old girl, E, developed a little cold over the weekend and she is prone to asthmatic type symptoms when she gets a cold, without actually having asthma, if that makes sense. I decided to keep her home from school yesterday (on my Housework Day - how dare she get sick on Housework Day!) and she kept herself amused for most of the day with writing, spelling, drawing and playing, but I'd promised we'd make a doll from her new sewing book, "Made by Me" by Jane Bull and a doll we made.

It was loosely based on the above design, using that pattern, but we changed the hairstyle a bit and drew her face on. Pity my sewing machine is still playing up. One of these days I'll get around to doing a DIY service or taking it to a repair shop or accidently drop it from the balcony so my husband will buy me a new one, hopefully!

A got the idea for doing the hair from this blog, Bybido. There are some lovely handmade dolls on this blog.

Even had time to whip up a little skirt and top for it. No time for a button or a clip as I hadn't even started dinner. Thank goodness for pinking shears and safety pins!

Running with Glitter



  1. Hi Anne-Mazza

    Found your blod from SS blogs list. Are you the Mazza from depression thread on SS? I am Jan W.A in case you were not aware :)

    Love your recipes and have added you to my blog lsit and followed you too.

  2. Cute. Where do you find the time?!? Your little girl is precious.

  3. Very Cute!!!!
    I'd love it if you would link up over at the Glitter Party!!!

  4. Cute! Thanks for share, also for link to pigtail tutorial. I am a very new sewer, have made a couple of dolls from pattern for my 9mo, planning on making more & was wondering how good pigtails can be achieved :)


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