Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday is Housework Day

After a couple of weeks now at my new housework routine, I'm finding it quite easy to follow (even with a sick child home from school today).

I love reading organising blogs. I love them! I get these ideas in my head like "that's exactly the way I would do it" or "those people think exactly the same as me" or "this is the answer I've been looking for". You'd think I'd have all those schedules and housework plans in place. Oh no! Instead, all I've done is read a lot of organising blogs and nothing else. My motto for most things I do is "KISS", ie "Keep It Simple Stupid". I became so overwhelmed with what some organising blogs suggested by writing schedules, plans, keeping lists of cleaning supplies etc etc. I don't believe it has to be as complicated as that and I proved it today.

I just decided that Monday is Housework Day and that's what I do on Mondays, sick or healthy, sick children at home, rain, hail or shine. I have a pretty small, three bedroom house with a separate bathroom and toilet and second toilet in the laundry downstairs. I only have the bathroom, toilet and kitchen floors to wash and the three bedrooms and living room to vacuum. I also thought that I'd add one job into that, as I saw was necessary. Dusting doesn't need doing every week or washing down walls. It looks like our hot weather might be finally over for a few months after a cooler, breezy weekend and it was the first time in months that I turned the ceiling fans off. Much to my disgrace, I saw how dirty they were. That's the job I added to my housework 'list' today. Everything else I see during the week can wait until the following Monday.

Ewww yuck!
I tend to do things as I see they need doing or while I'm doing something else, for example, when the kids have finished in the bath, I give the bath a wipe over. If the toilet is looking like monster trucks have just done a burn out (which is often with two young children), I clean the toilet. It's not that hard, in my opinion.

No schedules, plans, lists etc for me. Just do the housework on Monday and have the rest of the week to do things that I like to do, except for Wednesday, which is decluttering day (and don't forget the washing on every other day).

I also managed to make a Chocolate Slice and sew a doll for my daughter today. Something unheard of in weeks past. Just have the washing to fold tonight. Who know's what's in store for tomorrow? Might get time to shave my legs, an annual event these last couple of years.



  1. Charts and notebooks and files and bins don't work well for me either. I like your style of thinking.

  2. My leg shaving seems to be an annual event too! Thanks for sharing your practical solution for managing the daily grind that is household management!


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