Monday, March 21, 2011

My Talented Aunt - Quilter Extraordinaire

If only I had half the creative gene of my Aunt. After a lovely visit with her on the weekend, I'm more determined to get busy with the sewing machine and get stuck into my quilting projects. She's such an inspiration. I did ask her if she did a lot of quilting when her children were young and she said "no". She only had enough time to manage to sew clothes for her four boys. (Poor thing. Four boys and all that creative talent for homemade items. I guess she made it up to them by providing a lovely home for them to live in. I can remember there were always hand crocheted and knitted items around the house and lots of lovely food coming from the kitchen.)  Here are some examples of completed projects and works in progress.    
Machine embroidered pansies - each one is a block that will form part of a quilt for my Mother's 80th birthday present.

Hand embroidered block - this will form part of the quilt for my Mother. Blocks will be joined by insertion lace.

Machine embroidered teapots - they are placed vertically and will form a wall hanging. The lace doilie is machine embroidered as well.

Waterfall quilt
Machine embroidered placemat

Close ups of placemat - you can insert a serviette into the opening of the tea cup.

The quilt on my Aunt's bed - the 'ladies' are hand appliqued onto the quilt.

A close up of the 'ladies'. So many different colour combinations.
Single bed dragon quilt
There's still quite a few more photos. I'll save them for another time. Hopefully I'll have my own projects to show you soon.



  1. Cute, aren't they Megan? I'm hoping this might make it my way when we take my Aunt out for lunch next month. LOL


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