Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easy Kindy Teacher Easter Gifts - Bunny Baskets

Ben's Kindergarten is the best. Emelia went there before she started school and I can't talk highly enough about it. It reminds me of the type of Kindy I went to when I was young. Very warm, friendly, professional, kind and a very structured environment. It is because of the teachers and staff, I don't mind going to a bit of trouble to give them something for Easter. I did the same for Emelia when she went through but she did most of the Easter basket making herself unlike her brother who has the attention span of a gnat when it comes to crafting. He was excited to do it at first, but soon gave up and was onto the next thing, bouncing off the walls.

I decided to steer away from your general 'run of the mill' square basket and spruced it up with a bit of a bunny face and ears. There's heaps of templates on the Internet but I thought it was easier just to draw one instead of dragging the laptop down to the printer, blah blah blah.

I just love those chubby fat fingers.
Little Ben was happy to stick everything on the bunny's face, made a handle out of a strip of pink card, he 'crudely' wrote his name on the handle (not bad for a 4 year old), while I finished off pasting it together. We filled the basket with shredded paper, a tiny Lindt chocolate bunny and two solid chocolate Easter eggs. Just a little something to show our appreciation for the wonderful job my children's teachers do.

What you'll need

White card
Pink card for ear inserts and basket handle
Pins or staples to attach the handle to the basket
Pipe cleaners for whiskers
Google eyes (How can you do any kid's craft without google eyes?)
Craft glue
Cotton ball for bunny's tail

Design your own basket template or get some inspiration from here:

I think if I asked Ben to make fire trucks or racing cars to hold the eggs, I might've got a lot more help! I don't think the teachers would've minded.

More crafting to come with school holidays starting tomorrow for a week and a half, Easter egg hunts and play dates. I thought I was supposed to be having a rest!



  1. Very cute! Thanks for sharing. I think that I may take this for my daughter's class to do for an Easter class.

  2. Nice cards looking cool and simple right now i do not have Ink and Cartridge to print this i will get print later on thanks for sharing such a cute cards.


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