Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Hop" to it

It was time for a Mummy and daughter date today so I took Emelia to see "Hop". By the time we got through about half an hour of previews, the movie started and let me just say, I want to move to Easter Island. It was a great movie. A few good laughs and a good take on the Easter bunny story. We took popcorn and lollies from home and had a bit of lunch out.

We browsed through the jewellry and hair accessory shops and bought a couple of hair clips and a pretty hair band. I saw some beautiful hair bands, for $13 mind you, which I know I could replicate at home. (Note to self: make hairbands when you get a minute.) Emelia has some plain coloured hair bands so it should be easy enough, time permitting. The story of my life.



So, hop on in to your nearest cinema or you'll be hopping mad you missed it! (Oh dear. That's enough from me. The kids will love it if nothing else.)



  1. Thanks for Sharing this Anne, it looks great!
    BTW have another look at the thrifty kitchen ;) and if you love birds have a look at my garden blog for the long beaked honey eater Eastern Spinebill, The robin melts my heart its just so cute!

  2. Hey thanks for the review. I was thinking about taking my kids to this.


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