Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I love my Dyson & Cookbook Culling

I was totally lacking motivation today to do the housework. Once I dropped the kids at school/kindy, I just came home and enjoyed the serenity ("serenity now, serenity now").  We've had our Dyson for about 7 years now and it has never missed a beat. Now if only it could cook!

Take that you popcorn crumbs, Easter grass and Easter egg foil!
Once I did the vacuuming, a bit of dusting and general tidying, I thought I'd make a start on my kitchen. Oh my kitchen! I've put up with the way it is for near on 6 years now and just made do with the way it was. It's only a small kitchen, which I like as far as the workspace goes, but the storage is minimal (or poorly organised) and I just haven't had the time or inclination to sort things out and find out what's going to work best.

Other than a plastic drawer tidy up, a pantry clean out or spices declutter every now and again, I've never attempted a big clean out because the kids would just wake up from their nap when they were babies or they wouldn't go to sleep. I was just so overwhelmed to even attempt something like this. I still am. But I'm taking 'baby steps' and doing little bits at a time. This small space above my stove used to house ALL my cookbooks. I hated it. I'd manage to wriggle a book out, about 5 would come out and then there'd be no way they'd go back in the way they came out. It's now a space for jugs, vases, sugar bowls, creamers and other bits and pieces, which I might find another space for eventually, but for now, it has freed up spaces in other cupboards.

The cookbooks are now nicely stored on our new bookshelf, which forms part of our new Ikea wall unit system. (Just look at the extra room for more cookbooks!)

This is what's going. I'm not sure whether just to list the whole lot on Freecycle, pick out a few to list on ebay or just take them all to the op shop. I really don't think I could be bothered listing them on ebay so Freecycle might be the way to go. I just want them gone now. How could one person possibly use the recipes from all these cookbooks? What was I thinking? Good idea at the time I suppose.

Now, who's next? Pots and pans, plasticware or the dreaded appliance cupboard?


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  1. I wish I had one of those Dysons. That is a LOT of cookbooks going! Every recipe ever written is available on the internet though, so I'm sure you won't miss them.


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