Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Madame Methusulah's Beauty Parlour

Open for business
Today was the last day I was able to spend some Mummy/daughter time with Emelia so we created the "Madame Methusulah's Beauty Parlour" (Madame Methusulah being me!) We set up a little table and chairs in the bathroom and Emelia had to get her baby ready and drive to my shop. We talked and laughed like a couple of old ducks. The things she came out with were hilarious.

"There was so much traffic on the road here. It took me 11 minutes to get here!" (Eleven minutes must be a long time in the life of a 6 year old.)

"My baby won't eat brocolli but eats most other vegies." (Yeah, unlike the baby's mother!)

"I only have five dollars and two cents. Will that be enough?" (She made her own coins out of paper. Pity it doesn't only cost that much in the real world.)

The services available today were manicure and nail painting
Sparkly nail polish was an extra 2 cents.
Stickers on toes lasted all of 2 minutes.
$5.02 was going to have to be enough.

The washing basket is overflowing, the dishes needed to be done, dinner had to be sorted, there's stuff all over the floor of every room, but that half hour I spent with my daughter will probably last in her memory for a lifetime. She thinks she's pretty special with that sparkly nail polish.


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