Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Housework, no groceries & a sick child

I was late to get moving this morning, as were the kids, and we saw a snake at my daughter's school so that made us late to Kindy. By the time I had a good 'chin wag' with everyone at the Kindy, it was after 9:30am before I got home and I was late getting stuck into my Monday housework routine. The above photo looked a bit like me this morning. I didn't stop, except for the occasional gulp of water. Also, having the tummy bug last week put me behind (and you know how everything just crashes when Mum's sick) so I had a fair bit of washing to fold.

I was all done by 12:00pm and just had to do a grocery shop. Don't need too much, just a few pantry items and vegetables. I stopped for a quick Subway sandwich when the mobile phone rang and it was the Kindy to come and get little Ben. He had a temperature of 40 degrees. He did have a high temp yesterday but woke up fine this morning. It seems to be doing the rounds at Kindy with at least three other children off sick with this same virus. So there went the grocery shopping, yet again. I stopped at the corner shop and bought him a nice cold, fruity icy pole and a bottle of lemonade. He's happy now watching kid's TV.

I've got to work tonight so I'll be happy to be singing "She Did It" after today is over! Who knows what tomorrow will bring?


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