Friday, April 29, 2011

Mystery Shopping

When the kids (or just one kid) were babies, I would go mystery shopping. I was going to the shops anyway, so why not get paid to do a little 'snooping' around and ask a few questions. There's nothing to it really. You just have to check out the displays, the cleanliness and tidiness of the store, the range of stock, note the shop assistant's name and how they served you.

I haven't done it for ages but kept getting the emails these last couple of years. I decided to do one last week and now I'm hooked again, with two assignments today. Everything's done online so once you've done the shop, you enter the results online and get paid the following month.

The pay's not the greatest. Most companies will reimburse you, up to say $20, for a purchase or you might get paid in goods or a voucher. The in-store enquiries I made today will pay $12 each. If you do a couple per month, you might get paid up to $50 which is nothing to be sneezed at and easy money. Enough to shout yourself a pedicure, new makeup (heaven forbid) or a couple of good magazines.

Here's a few that I'm registered with. Check out your local Yellow Pages for more in your area.

Shop Angels

Service Integrity



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  1. Oh, I've done it once. It was ordering a pizza. I had to take so many weird pictures of the pizza it looked mauled before I finally got to eat it. It paid $20.00 though.


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