Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ned Kelly Pies

Ned Kelly was an Australian bushranger living in the 1800's and famous for making a 'suit of amour' out of sheets of steel, which he wore to a gunfight at Glenrowan, Victoria. He survived the gunfight but was captured by police and eventually hung in 1880. Some might say he was like the equivalent of Jesse James. Whatever you think, he is an Australian folklore legend.

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Don't ask me what the association is between Ned Kelly and a bacon, egg and cheese pie but the bakeries here in Australia have been making and selling them for ages. Meat pies are an Australian national dish. I've got a pie maker and it's great for using leftovers for pie fillings as well as making a 'Ned Kelly' pie. I use the pie maker a lot in the cooler months.

Even though the pie maker is supposed to be 'non stick', I spray with oil, just in case. I use frozen puff pastry and cut out circles to use as the base and the tops of the pies. You can use sliced bread as well for the pastry cases.

Fill with chopped bacon, beaten egg (2 eggs makes 4 pies) and top with grated cheese. Put on the pastry tops and cook for 12 minutes.

These are good served hot or cold. I guess I have something to thank Ned Kelly for.



  1. Oh wow they look delish.
    Will definitely have to give those a go.

  2. Wow, I haven't heard of these as "Ned Kelly Pies" before, but they sure look tasty!

  3. That's not a Ned Kelly are missing the meat!!!

  4. Those look I need to go buy a pie maker :)

  5. Came over from your picnic post because these look awesome! Now I want a meat pie maker!! Never heard of one before and I don't think we have them here.

  6. We still don't have these meat pie least not that I know of...darn!


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