Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Are 'Wii' the only family not to have one?

Are we the only family in the world with young children that doesn't own a Nintendo Wii? Sometimes I feel like it. I'm sure there are some families in third world countries that don't have one. Aren't there?

Before I had kids, I used to get on my high horse and say things like "my kids will only play with handmade 'Steiner-Waldorf' type toys", they'll read books, they'll explore nature and the great outdoors, there'll be no TV or DVDs or no 'character' toys like "The Wiggles", "Cars" and "Barbie" etc. Yeah right! That lasted all of 5 minutes. When reality hit like a ton of bricks on their arrival, it was a matter of survival and wondering how you could keep the kids occupied while you hung some washing out or had something to eat.

I've been to quite a few other people's homes with the same aged kids as ours and I truly believe that our kids don't have anywhere near as many toys in comparison.

My daughter started on the "DS" plea for her 6th birthday last November. I'm not sure she even really knows what one is. I think she only heard the other kids talking about getting them for their birthdays. Her plea fell on deaf ears and she decided to 'make' one out of cardboard. It's long gone but it was a pretty good replica.

The kids don't have TVs or DVD players in their rooms or the car nor any other handheld devices or computers.

As much as I've used a computer for most of my working life, I just can't get my head around the enjoyment of computer games, pinball machines or any kind of electronic game. I played sport from a very young age right into my adult years and I loved it.

I'm kind of torn between having the kids following in our sporting foot steps or will I be tempted by the soon-to-be-released mid year Christmas toy sale brochures and feel sorry for my kids that they might be missing out? They play so well together and have terrific imaginations. I guess I'll hang off for as long as I can but it will probably be inevitable.


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  1. My husband gets on waiting lists for that kind of thing. We were standing in line at the Toys R Us at 5:00 a.m. for a Wii. for HIS BITHDAY, not the kids.

    Mine likes video games the way your's likes NASCAR.

    It has been the #1 point of compromise in raising our kids. I must say, we have done pretty well in meeting at the middle. He puts up with my 1.5 hours of technology a day rule and I put up with the incessent Mario, Sonic, blah blah blah talk. I even play along now and then. What's a girl to do?


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