Monday, May 30, 2011

Housework Monday & all iced up

Even though it never snows here in Brisbane, it's starting to get cool in the mornings and at night. A good time of the year for hearty stews and soups and warming winter puddings. It's also Monday so time for housework. As you know, I do all my housework on Monday and do 'incidental' cleaning throughout the week. I was taking meat out of the chest freezer on the weekend and noticed the door was open. I thought 'damn kids' not shutting the door until I looked and it was frozen over that badly that it had forced the door open. Yikes! Sorry kids. So today is defrosting the freezer. Note to self: only buy frost free fridges and freezers.

And to get me motivated, here's a classic from the 80's. I was going to post the clip from Foreigner "You're as Cold as Ice" but VI has got more funk. Who would've thought this song would become a classic?


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  1. It used to only snow once every year or so here. This year it snowed like 8 times! Enjoy the cool down. I am enjoying Memorial Day weekend here. It's the kick-off to summer.


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