Thursday, May 26, 2011

It Stinks-a-licious!

Here it is. Our 10 year wedding anniversary and what a way to spend it! The husband is still at work, my daughter is as 'sick as a dog' and stayed home from school and my son has been an absolute terror all day (probably because of the attention his sister was getting). I was stressing so much about the whining, bitching and moaning, I started to tremor! They drove me absolutely crazy. Hubby rang earlier to say he was late and didn't want me to have gone to any trouble with a romantic dinner or anything. HAH!!!!! That'd be the day!

Luckily, on my weekly trip to the library yesterday, I managed to pick up three of Victoria Kann's books in the "Pinkalicious" series. We absolutely adored them, even my son, and it brought a smile to my sick daughter's face. (She is such a drama queen when she's sick. Reminds me a lot of myself.) There's a lovely message to each of the stories. "Pinkalicious", the original in the series, sees the main character "Pinkalicious" eating too many pink cupcakes so she turned pink. If not for a trip to the Doctor to tell her the only way she'd return to normal was to eat heaps and heaps of green food, she wouldn't have got better.

The next one we read was "Goldilicious" which was about "Pink's" pet Unicorn "Goldilicious". I thought it was nice that it taught the kids how to have a good imagination and how much fun you can have if you include your brothers and sisters in your games. The illustrations are lovely and the story is at a level young children can relate to.

"Silverlicious" was the last one we read and it was just as delightful. It talked about "Pink" losing her 'sweet' tooth and her nightly quest to capture the tooth fairy, "Tootheetina". Beautiful, bright pictures with lots to talk about on each page. I'll be looking out for the others in the series now.

And as for our romantic wedding anniversary? We've got a cocktail birthday party to go to on Saturday night and the kids are having a sleepover at my Mum's so hallelujah! The fight will be on as to who will pick them up from Mum's on Sunday when we both will probably have a hangover!



  1. OOhh, they sound like great books, will have to look out for them! Popped over from FYBF - thanks for sharing!

  2. You can have more fun on a weekend anyway.

  3. Great books... hope they hangover isn't too bad - can they stay til lunch? :P


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