Saturday, May 14, 2011

Listography - Bad Combinations

Kate, from over at Kate Takes 5 always has the best lists and this week's really appealed to me, Bad Combinations. There was probably a time I might've said red wine and white meat or black stockings and white shoes but these days it's all about the kids.

Eating / eating with the kids
Every single time I have taken a mouthful of food in the last 6 years, since my first was born, I’ve nearly choked because I’ve had to answer a question from the kids, yell at them to stop hitting each other, pulling the TV onto themselves, jumping off the top stair or putting a sharp knife into each other’s eyes. I just try not to eat while they’re around now. You can see me scoffing down 6 small meals in one sitting at about 9pm at night!

Paint chipped toe nails / summer
I’m lucky we’re coming into winter here in Australia as I always come unstuck by the time it’s spring/summer. I barely get time to look at my toes let alone paint them and when it’s time for ‘bling’ thongs and summer sandals, there they are. My manky, paint chipped claws suffering from neglect. Don’t even get me started on shorts and unshaved legs!

Food / car
When I had the kids I was adamant that the two would never meet. Once they got a bit older and a mind of their own, I had to do what I had to do and feed them while I was driving just so I didn’t have an accident, or go mad, or both. It’s permanently a dumping ground for all matter of things like fries, lolly wrappers, McDonald’s bags and McDonald’s Happy Meal toys.

Toys / bare feet
Note to self: don’t ever go barefoot inside with young children living in the house. In fact, if you can find some steel toed, metal soled designer shoes, get them! You’ll never cut your feet or kick your toes on toys as much as you will once you have kids. Just when you think they’re all picked up, there’ll be a small, sharp piece of toy sitting up out of the carpet that you won’t see and you’ll need minor surgery to repair the hole left in your foot.

Children / permanent marker
The two should never meet.  It does eventually fade, after about 20 baths and scrubbing your child’s skin till it bleeds. In fact, children and any stationery item are a bad combination. They’ll manage to disassemble a stapler in 10 seconds flat or ‘borrow’ your hole punch/permanent marker (noooooooo)/ruler /you name it, never to be seen again.

Check out what everyone else's bad combinations are at Kate Takes 5.



  1. you can pair almost anything with children and it can go awry in one way or another. ;)

  2. Agree with 100% of this list! Esp like number 3 - though I bet mine's messier than yours...Thanks for joining in. x


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