Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nanna's Jam Drops

The bikkie barrel was empty, yet again, and while my daughter was home sick from school today, I quickly rustled up a batch of my Nanna's Jam Drops.

This is another one of my my Nanna's treasured recipes she hand wrote for me in an exercise book many years ago. They bring back terrific memories of her wonderful baking skills. There were always Jam Drops in her bikkie tin, usually filled with a delightful homemade jam like Rosella, Strawberry, Peach, Apricot or whatever else she had made that week. Nothing was ever wasted with her.

I used Strawberry & Rhubarb jam my lovely friend Katrina Higham sent me which she made in her shop, Windsor Deli in Melbourne, Victoria. It's beautiful Katrina.

They're such a quick biscuit to make and delicious. I'm sure they won't last long once the boy comes home from Kindy and the big boy comes home from work.

Nanna's Jam Drops

1/2 cup butter, melted
1 cup sugar
2 cups Self Raising flour
3 eggs

Mix melted butter and sugar. (I'm on a 'melt and mix' frenzy lately. Any recipe that requires beating butter and sugar together, I just melt the butter and mix with sugar. Never had a problem yet. Saves getting that beater or food processor dirty and saves time.) Add eggs, one at a time, beating thoroughly into butter/sugar mixture. Add flour and mix well.

Take teaspoon size pieces of the mixture, roll into a ball and using the end of a wooden spoon dipped in flour, poke holes into the biscuit. Fill carefully with jam and bake in a 180 deg C oven until golden.

The rose patterned china plate also belonged to my Nanna. It's part of a 3 piece teaset comprising teacup, saucer and plate. What better way to enjoy my Nanna's biscuits than on one of her plates.



  1. I absolutely love that you have your recipe from your Nanna! Seriously, it's not done like that anymore! So delicious looking - and you take some gorgeous pictures!

  2. oooh I always loved jam drops.

  3. These looks great! I love the hand-written recipe from Nanna, and then served on beautiful floral plate! And strawberry and rhubarb jam sounds divine!

  4. Oooh they look delicious and look great on that pretty plate. I will def give these a go soon thanks x

  5. You beauty, Anne. What a stunna of a cook you are. They look delightful x
    Keith (RHD)

  6. they look lovely! And the plate is beautiful


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