Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rough Road Slice

Let me just say, nearly six weeks after Easter and I'm sick of the sight of Easter eggs. Someone gave the kids about a kilo and a half of the damn things and I was sick of looking at them in the fridge plus picking up the foil off the floor all the time. The chocolate wasn't very nice so I didn't even eat them, which is saying something for this chocoholic.

I didn't have marshmallows or peanuts to make a Rocky Road Slice but had a few Snake lollies and a packet of Scotch Finger biscuits so decided to make up a 'pseudo' Rocky Road Slice and called it a "Rough Road Slice". Bit like a Coconut Rough in a slice.

Rough Road Slice

250gm chocolate, melted
1 packet or 250gm biscuits, broken into small pieces
100gm jelly lollies, like Snakes, Jelly Babies, jubes (whatever you have or you can leave out)
1/2 cup shredded coconut
1 tbs butter, melted

Mix all ingredients and put ino a slice in lined with plastic wrap. Sprinkle with extra coconut, if desired. Refrigerate to set. Slice into small pieces to serve.



  1. Ooh yeah! Love the snakes, especially the red ones, yum!
    x Marnie

  2. I LOVE how you confidently just use what you've got around to make so fabulous treat or scrumptious meal. You make it look so easy, I'm fooled into thinking even I can give it a try!

  3. Yum! I think I need a midnight snack!

  4. Anne this made me laugh!! It looks good tho!! You are too funny.

    P.s. I'm sure you can paint the beads! That's a great idea

     Delighted Momma

  5. Hi Anne! I tend to agree with you – there are much better biscuits out there than Oreos (I’m a particular fan of Chips Ahoy Choc Chip Cookies) but the homemade version is just an allusion to the store bought variety – this is essentially a very rich cocoa butter biscuit, sandwiched around a wodge of vanilla butter icing. And I suppose, what’s not to love about that! Let me know how they come out :)


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