Thursday, May 12, 2011

What constitutes a good food photo?

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Okay, so I'm not a photographer, especially a food photographer. But I am a cook and love to do it. Probably one of the main reasons I started to blog was to capture a lot of what I cook to share with everyone and keep in one place for my kids, when they're older. Bit of a recipe journal I suppose.

I've been a big fan of and for quite a while now. They are an online food magazine full of beautiful recipes submitted by bloggers from around the world. I've got quite a few recipes from these bloggers and I think they're all great.

Jelly Lamingtons - The one John West rejected (or should I say Tastespotting).
Problem was, I thought some of my recipes were worthy of being featured on these web sites so I submitted a couple. Result? REJECTED! Poor photography. Too light. Too dark. I've given up. I've tried reading some of the millions of food photography web sites for advice but it's just too much to take in. I probably thought the recipe content was more important than the actual photo but, no. So, maybe this is a bit of 'sour grapes' but never mind. I'll continue cooking and just give up on my dream to have a recipe featured. Really, who's got time to set up a photography studio in your home, props, light boxes, etc. When you're a Mum with two young kids at you every minute of the day, I'm lucky I can actually get a meal on the table, let alone a gorgeous photo of a chocolate chip cookie!

 By the way, if you do have the time, here's a link to make your own 'macro' photo studio! As if! And, at the last count, Tastespotting has 821 different recipes for a chocolate chip cookie with everyone claiming theirs to be the best. Oh dear! (Sorry, off my soap box now.)



  1. Oh cant wait to check out the diy macro setup! It IS difficult to photograph food..I take 50 pictures of my soup and one comes out okay lol!

    Delighted Momma

  2. I know what you mean Lindsay. My poor kids are drooling, waiting for the food, and Mummy's 'not so happily' clicking away, trying to get that elusive photo just right. They're always asking "Mummy, why do you always take photos of food?" LOL

  3. Ask me which of those recipes I want to eat. I'll give you a hint (it's the one in the middle). I dream of those pink lamingtons.

  4. Thanks for a great post - I get frustrated cos I can't seem to get the "yumminess" of my food through in a decent pic, so this is great! x


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