Saturday, June 25, 2011

Family Movie Night at the Cinema - Cars 2

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We've not long got back from our first ever Saturday night Family Movie Night at the cinema to see "Cars 2".  We've never really bothered in the past because for one, it's much more expensive than recording a movie from pay TV or hiring a DVD from the the store and secondly, I didn't think the kids would sit still long enough to watch it, like they do at home. At home we can stop the movie if someone needs a toilet break or a drink. They were so well behaved and so excited to see the movie which opened world wide (I think) this past Thursday. There was also the threat that if they didn't behave all week, they wouldn't get to see the movie which made for a couple of pretty well behaved kids all week.

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As far as the movie goes, it was okay. I don't think you can ever beat the original. (Remember "Superman", "Ghostbusters", "Grease" and heaven forbid, they've done a remake of "Footloose"! Why?????) I actually dozed off a couple of times and thought the kids might've lost interest as I thought the storyline was a little complicated for a 4 year old but my son never took his eyes off the screen. (He has to be the biggest CARS fan ever though.) He even got a little teary when he thought Mater might've been hurt, bless him. It took a while to get into the movie to find out the movie's main message.

I sometimes think kid's movies these days are first created with the merchandise marketing plan organised first and the story second. I believe this movie's merchandise was targeted at a world wide audience and I really must get some shares in Disney Pixar because I can see more CARS toys ending up in my house than I care for.

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  1. I've never seen so many toys for a movie as there are for cars 1 and 2. You are right it's all about the merchandising. It's been a while since I've seen a really good Disney movie, but we'll see it too, just like we did Toy Story III last year. Probably at the second-run theater though.

  2. We went to a "Cars" themed birthday party this weekend and the merchandising is crazy - they even had Cars Cheezits! Crazy.

  3. Hm, yeah. That's what I thought too. Nothing beats the original, but watching it was worth it for me 'cause I saw my son enjoying the movie!

    Sebastian Gaydos

  4. Of all the car movies I've seen, I like Cars by Disney the best. The characters are unique, and the story line is simple. However, there is a moral story to it which people may find very inspirational. I haven't watched Cars 2, but I will come the weekend.

    Tari Ledsome


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