Monday, July 18, 2011

How to avoid colds and the flu

Does anybody know? Since I stopped work and stayed at home with the kids, I found I very rarely get sick with colds but this year, I guess since the kids are more active and out and about at school, kindy, Girl Guides etc they're picking up anything that even looks remotely like a germ and passing it on to me.

I take all sorts of precautions as soon as cold and flu season starts, like Olive Leaf Extract, Vitamin C & Zinc powder, eat heaps of garlic, vitamin C rich foods, enjoy fresh air, keep warm and wash my hands religiously before eating. I also try to get my kids to do the same.

This virus I picked up Friday just gone has left me so sick, so weak and no appetitite (which is sooo unlike me). I was in bed again all day today and my husband came home from work early to look after us all. He has now taken our daughter to the ER because her temperature won't go down.

I feel so weak, tired, lethargic, sore all over from coughing, headaches and no mood for blogging, which is really saying something. I hope it passes quickly and things return to normal. Gosh I have learnt to love my 'normal'.



  1. Yikes, how are you feeling? How is your daughter? I hope everyone is doing ok!! Get some rest!!

  2. Poor thing. :( Zo-Zo can't seem to miss any bug that goes around either lately. Feel better soon.

  3. Oh no! That really sucks. Hope you're all starting to feel a little better.
    I believe exercise is a major factor in warding off bugs. Plus drinking water and getting enough sleep.


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