Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm grateful for...getting sick on the weekend

My last post I wrote about my poor little boy having high temps and being sick on Friday. Well, guess who got it on Friday evening? Good old Mum. The timing couldn't have been better. The only plans we had for the weekend was a birthday party for my daughter and due to some misunderstanding, my husband didn't take her. I got to stay in bed all weekend, until this afternoon. I'd hate to think what would've happened if I got sick during the week. I was feverish, coughing, sneezing, hot and cold, hallucinating from the fevers. It was just awful. I'm so thankful that my husband was home to look after the kids. They've been fed nothing but junk food, fizzy drink and lollies and I was made hot lemon drinks and given some jelly beans. About the only think I felt like eating. I think I'm just starting to feel a little better, just in time as my daughter now has the fever! When will it all end?

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  1. Only a mum is glad her being ill fits in with the schedule!

  2. I hate betting sick - what you had sounds nasty! Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Wah, poor you!

    But you have made me laugh. Geez us mums are a bit sad, aren't we?

    Hope you're feeling better now, Anne. x

  4. It's usually the way, hey! After wiping noses, cleaning up after others who are sick....then it's us mum's who get sick....
    Hope you recover quickly.

  5. Oh Lord. Take care. Lets just hope it passes through quickly.

  6. Aww sorry to hear you all are not feeling good! Get lots of rest and I hope it passes soon!


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