Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Listography - Top 5 gigs

Kate from Kate Takes 5 Listography for this week is to list the top 5 gigs we'd like to see. Of all my favourite bands and music I like, I think I've pretty much seen everyone I wanted to see, including Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, my most favourite of all. But there were probably a few 'before my time' and at a time when I was too young to know that those people who sang on the radio actually performed live on stage so didn't know any better.

1.  Buddy Holly & The Crickets

Way before my time. I wasn't even born. This is a guy and his band I would've loved to have played at my high school formal. The 50's were big in the 1970's with "Happy Days" etc playing on TV.

2.  Jimi Hendrix

Without doubt, my most favourite electric guitarist of all time and again, before my time, but I truly got to appreciate his music in my late teens and discovered what a genuis he was with the guitar. What a treat that would've been to see him live.

3.  Steve Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

Another one of my favourite guitarists (I have many) but one that I wished I would've seen when I had the opportunity. I think, when he toured, I said I'd catch him next time and never did. Now I never, ever will.

4.  Patsy Cline

I'm not a big country and music fan but I do love some of the American Country & Music singers from the 1950's and 1960's. I did happen to see a play called "A Closer Walk With Patsy" with Deborah Conway (lead singer of Aussie band "Do Re Mi") playing the part of Patsy.

5.  David Essex

Okay, there were "The Bay City Rollers", David Cassidy, many Aussie heart throbs (including Sherbert, the first band I ever saw) but there was no bigger heart throb for me as a young girl than David Essex. I probably didn't even know you could go and see them in concert at aged 10, not like the young girls of today, some as young as 6 and 7 going to see Miley Cyrus or Beyonce. Ohhhhh David! There'll always be room in my heart for you.



  1. LOL! David Essex. Now that would have been fun!

    I certainly would knock back tickets to Buddy Holly or Jimi Hendrix!

    Hope you are feeling better.
    x Lee

  2. Ha you were so cool until the David Essex mention!!

  3. I agree about not loving Country Music too much, but once I heard Patsy Cline's music, I fell in love with her voice and her range. I LOVE to sing along with her (by myself) while driving my car. At least no one has to hear me!!!!!!

    Thank you for all of your kind and dear comments. Hope all is well 'down under'!


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