Friday, July 22, 2011

More blog love from across the blogosphere

As mentioned last week, I've met so many lovely people since blogging, hooking up with people from across the other side of the world and here in Australia where quite possibly we would never, ever have met. Here are some more of my favourite 'gal pals' that I keep in touch with on a regular basis and they never cease to amaze me with the wonderful stories and things to do.

Lee from Mummy Issues: Part 2 lives in Victoria, Australia with her partner and two gorgeous kids, 'the Tornado' and 'the Breeze'. Lee also suffers from Coeliac disease and has some fantastic gluten free recipes she shares. I think Lee's and my life are similar in a lot of ways and we understand each other. I'm so glad I've got to know her. At least she's in the same country as me and maybe we might actually get to meet in person.

Stephanie from Henry Happened and I met just recently and I'm so glad we did. Stephanie's got a lovely blog all about the yummy things I like to look at and read about. She a Mom of two in the US and has a flair for fashion, crafting and all things nice. I love reading submissions from her guest bloggers and to read about what she gets up to with her lovely family. She's genuinely interested in what I'm up to and I'm always happy to let her know. She's becoming a great friend.

Tonia from The Gunny Sack is another US blog I've fallen in love with. Her blog is also full of all the things I love and great ideas of things to do and make with family members. She's always cooking up a storm or coming up with great crafting ideas. It's so nice that Tonia stops by my blog from time to time. It's like catching up with an old friend.



  1. I love posts about other wonderful blogs! I'll have to pop over to check them out. Thanks Anne!

  2. Hey Anne...Thanks so very much!! You actually brought tears to my eyes. I am having so much fun reading about the goings on in Australia. I love how we have different names for the same stuff. I have already told several people in my non-blog life about you and your site!!

  3. Aww, Anne, you are too kind! Those sweet words made my day, thank you!! I've so enjoyed getting to know you too - these blogs are such a wonderful glimpse into the lives of people you would not ever get to meet otherwise!


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