Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WOW Write on Wednesdays - Sit under a tree

A sure cure for seasickness is to sit under a tree. 

Write On Wednesdays Exercise 7 - Sit under a tree and write: Find yourself a quiet spot. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Take a look at Kristy's Tree Photo. Write the first words that come into your head. Keep writing whatever comes into your head. Stop when the buzzer rings. Do this exercise over and over if you wish. If like me, you struggle with visual prompts, perhaps try sitting under a tree to write. I have heard that changing your usual writing place can spark new inspiration. Try it and see. Do both if you please!
"If I have to go and fetch this rotten ball again, I swear.....", thought Carla. She was becoming so irate, so quickly lately. Everything seemed to just set her off. She was visiting her sister and decided to have a bit of a play with her niece and nephew in the backyard. The backyard game of cricket was proving to be laborious. She wasn't getting a turn at bat but having to fetch the ball in the thick, overgrown garden bed at the very end of the backyard. There she was again. She looked around at the beautiful, lush, green, tropical plants. The tall tree, providing shade for all these plants, the thick layer of mulch providing all that moisture for the plants. It wasn't such a bad place after all. If only she could sit there a while and take five minutes. Her life seemed to be out of control lately and she needed to slow down. "Hurry up Aunty Carla! It's your turn to bat!"  screamed the kids.  "Oooh goody, a turn at bat", thought Carla. Maybe I'd prefer to fetch the ball after all so I can return to this magical place under the tree.
Today's prompt was suggested by Kristy at House of Prowse. It's nice to know that nature has that affect on people, to automatically relax you and keep you calm. I really should try it more often myself. I've continued with the character "Carla" from the previous week. I'll see if I can keep it going. (I'm kind of basing the character on me, as a single woman. That should make for some interesting writing and reading!)
Thanks Gill (and Kristy) for another great prompt. Head on over to inkpaperpen to check out this week's offerings.



  1. I just ducked back to read last week's as I missed it. So I'm now up to date with Carla! Love the character and I love this scene. Why is her life so out of control? Why is she so on edge?
    Can't wait to read more about her!

  2. I sure love the idea of sitting in a quiet spot and writing my thoughts! I'm saving this post for a few days so that I can fully enjoy it :). I think if I wrote the first words that came to my head looking at this tree, I'd probably end up going through my whole to do list! Fabulous post idea Anne!

  3. So lovely, Anne. I felt like I was there with Carla, in that lovely garden. I'm left wanting more, Anne:)

  4. Great Anne. I am really pleased people are beginning to develop ongoing characters and stories from the exercises.

    I thought I recognised Carla. I'd like to see Carla wander in to the trees and take that 5 minutes of time out.

    Everybody wants to bat, nobody wants to field...

  5. This is really great, Anne to create up a story from this tree photo. For me, it was really difficult to think about an imaginative storylines. Good job...

  6. Hi there, Anne,
    I like Carla. This is very readable and I instantly related to the scene. Hope she belts the ball for six so she can grab her five minutes!And cricket rates a mention in my piece too!
    J x

  7. Here with WoW. I'm right with Carla: I'm the ball retriever round here, and my tolerance is about the same as hers. Limited! I'd love to have a tree to slouch under while pretending to locate the ball. Bliss!

  8. Cricket? What an unusual association. I love the story and that you included some dialogue to break it off. Makes it a lot of fun to read.

  9. I can relate to Carla, always fielding and never getting the chance to bat. Love that you've brought her back, Im enjoying getting to know her. x

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Ah Anne,
    I can comment again. Now I can stop filling you inbox with my email comments.

    The problem with these Wednesday posts is that I want to read the rest!

  12. Love that quote! WIll be looking forward to sitting under a tree in Fiji the next couple of weeks.

    Looking forward to checking back in when we get back!

    xo Lee

  13. Some ironic humour, poor Aunty Carla! Wonder what's got her so riled up of late? A character who was easy to like, well done!

  14. I was also wondering why Carla was so on edge? I thought perhaps she could be pregnant? hahaha

    Not meaning this in a bad way, but I felt like nothing more needed to be said! I thought this was a really lovely, complete piece. It had a clear intro and a fitting ending which sent a good message - that it's important to remember to take time out! Hope Carla gets hers!


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