Monday, August 29, 2011

The 2012 Ikea catalogue has arrived!

So what? But I do have a secret love/hate relationship with Ikea. I hate the fact that it's so mass produced and people just rave over it but I HATE, with a passion, the fact that you purchase the furniture 'flat pack' and put it together yourself. I have no talent or skills for that whatsoever. Same as putting jigsaw puzzles together. I hate that as well.

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In an attempt to get my house, and life, organised this year, we went in search for some furniture for our living room. We chose to buy second hand, firstly because we wouldn't have to put it together and secondly, because it was cheaper, better for the environment and was most likely going to be wrecked from our two living, breathing, running hurricanes.

We were lucky enough to find a Billy bookcase system on ebay for around $400 which comprised a bookcase combined cupboard, display cabinet for my husband's model car collection, corner unit and end shelf system for knick knacks. It's still hasn't got everything in it that I would like but I'm getting there.

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We also picked up a TV cabinet like the one above from ebay for around $40 and a small dining table and 4 chairs for about $60, all in the matching birch finish. Our living room/dining area is pretty much beige, birch, latte colours which is a little boring but practical. There was a time when I might redecorate every season, ie winter or summer with splashes of colour in the form of wall of art, cushions and home decor but not anymore. It's just not practical. Maybe again one day.

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I don't live very far away from Queensland's only Ikea store but I've only ever been there twice. I don't really need anything and would only be buying stuff for the sake of buying stuff (is there any other reason for shopping?) but I do love to look around. I could drop my son off at the child minding play area and have a quick browse. We could then have a cheap meal and get lost in the maze which they call their store. (I can never find my way out of there. What a clever marketing ploy.)

But here a few of the things that I've bought in the past and would like to buy, for no reason whatsoever.

RAJTAN Spice jar - $3.49 for 4
I use these to store all my spices.

TROFAST Storage Combination - Retails for $175 but can pick up second hand for less than half that.
The best invention for toy storage.

DUKTIG 10 piece children's coffee/tea set $19.99
A really cute set for any little girl (or boy) but imagine those cups filled with mousse,
puddings, fresh fruit or ice cream sundaes?

STINN silicone oven glove only $4.99 - comes also in blue and red
LILLABO 20 piece basic wooden train set only $19.99
We bought one of these for our son nearly 4 years ago and he still plays with it.
A browse through the Ikea catalogue is always very refreshing and I love peering into what could quite possibly be a lovely home in Sweden but as far as trying to recreate that look here in my home, I'll stick with second hand furniture in my beige world with dirty finger prints and permanent marker all over it and dream of a really cool, slick, trendy, designer home that would be near impossible to keep (for me anyway). If one hasn't shown up in your letterbox, check it out online here.



  1. I too have a love/hate with ikea! Who can put that stuff together???
    And we have that same train. Both Caroline & Henry love it!

  2. I don't have one near enough to me to frequent. Someone did give me that train set a long time ago though and all my kids have adored it at one time or another. Zoe is currently it's number one fan.

  3. I feel the same way about Ikea. Love the idea of it all...but putting it together, nightmare! I've been to the big one at Springwood only twice now. Both times Hubby and I ended up hopelessly lost and spent way more than we should have....Yikes!

  4. I have no thoughts about Ikea as I don't think I've even been in one as an adult. But I just had to say that the oven mitt made me think of a weird looking potty or potty cross bumbo seat.

    Yeah, I'm weird.

  5. I LOVE Ikea. Can't wait to get my grubby mitts on the catalogue... I love your idea of using the kids crockery set for mini desserts! I have found another excuse to go next time I am in Melbourne!! Yippee!

    Hope all's well Anne.

    xo Lee

    PS I need to look on ebay more for stuff.

  6. Love ikea but husband hates it - he gets the job of putting together.
    Have the trainset and Trofast - my two favourite picks.
    Also the finger puppets for long flights and car trips.


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