Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Listography - Last week, in review

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This week's Listography by Kate at Kate Takes 5 is a little more laid back than last week. I think her Listography from last week, Guilty Pleasures took her by surprise, surpassing any previous records and proved to be her most popular by far. This week, we're taking a look at last week.  The week 'that was'. I'll be lucky to get 5 photos of anything exciting from the last week. Most photos I take are of food for my blog. Poor kids are always shouting "look at me Mum - take a picture of me Mum" and I'm just too busy taking photos of food and tell them to be quiet.

1.  The Travelling Toy

Ah yes. The Travelling Toy. Yet another thing they didn't tell me about at the hospital when the kids were born. If your children are in Kindergarten or the early school years, each child has a turn of taking the class 'toy' home and you photograph the toy enjoying every day life at your place, the edited version of course. This then means a lot of Photoshopping, getting photos printed and putting your really bad scrapbooking skills to good use. The toy in question with my son (above) is "Nosey" the elephant. I still haven't managed the scrapbooking part yet.

2.  My Paleontologist Daughter's attempt at playing babies

I don't recall my daughter playing much with dolls when she was a bit younger. She's got Barbies but I don't think she plays with them that much. I spotted this in the backyard on the weekend. It's her T-Rex, asleep in the wheelbarrow, all tucked in for a bit of a nap. This happens often.

3.  Aboard "The Jolly Roger" looking for Captain Hook

Both kids dressed like "Jake" and "Izzy" from the Disney cartoon, "Jake and the Neverland Pirates", their favourite cartoon at the moment. They spent hours playing pirates. Daddy made our son a swashbuckling sword out of cardboard and my son thinks it's the best.

4.  Watching a migrating snail

This could take a while and it did. It kept them amused for ages (well for at least 10 minutes). I'm surprised the poor little thing didn't get crushed under foot.

5.  A day at the beach

Last Wednesday was a public holiday here in Brisbane (for our Royal National Show, the "Ekka") and I had my daughter home from school. We planned on a shopping day but the day started out so nice, I suggested a day at the beach. I kept my son home from Kindy and off we went. By the time we got ready and in the car, it became overcast but the kids were still keen to go. I was clicking away happily for 5 and 1/2 hours without a memory card in the camera so the photos went straight to the hard drive in the camera. Do you think I can find my cable to transfer the photos to my laptop? Nuh! This is an old photo of my daughter at the beach, like 3 years ago. The beach is still the same.

Check out what everyone else has been up to at Kate Takes 5.



  1. I had forgotten all about the traveling toy! The first thing we did upon receiving the traveling toy was give it a "bath" cause ya never know where that toy has been!

  2. T-Rex looks very well taken care of :)

  3. Thanks for the tip-off about the travelling toy, haven't heard about that one!

    Your munchkins are gorgeous! I love finding evidence of Miss A's busyness, and T-Rex is a fine example of that.

    The sun is shining down this way, hope you have a lovely day. xo Lee

  4. Love that T-Rex!! Pinned it to "things I love" :) So, so cute. Caroline does the same thing with her twin dolls "Baby Girl and Blue Baby"

  5. Well you win the prize for my favourite picture of the week so far. That baby dinosaur is both sweet and very disturbing all at once..

  6. I LOVE the t-rex in the wheelbarrow pic. LOVE it.

    My friend's kid's class has a leprechaun the goes home with someone every week. Her kid was scared to touch it and had to know exactly where it was (far, far, away from him) before he would go to sleep when it was his turn.

    Neither of my kids had one of these.

  7. lovely round up with great photos :)


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