Saturday, August 13, 2011

Top 10 Father's Day Homemade Gift Ideas

Father's Day will be here sooner than you think so I've put together a few easy crafts that you can get the kids involved with. Here in Brisbane we've got a few public holidays next week for the Royal National Show so it might be a good time to get started. Father's Day is on September 4.

1. Free Printable Father's Day Ticket Book

2. Father's Day Bee-Bee-Cue Sauce with Printable Label

3. Father's Day Toilet Roll Pen Holders

4. Father's Day Memo Boards

5. Daddy Photo Frame Colour In Printable

6. iDad iPad Card    (I've got my 'i' on this one for my iPhone obsessed husband.)

7. Father's Day Printable Cupcake Toppers

8. Father's Day Mini Photo Book

8. Father's Day "Dad" Cut Out Frame

9. Father's Day Printable Frame Art

10. DIY Beer/Soft Drink Labelizer

Get a six pack of Dad's favourite beer or soft drink and remove the labels by immersing in water. Create your own labels, calling the drink whatever you like and inserting a photo of Dad with the kids or whatever.



  1. oh my goodness, those toilet paper rolls are so cute! When is Father's Day for you? That iPhone card is pretty awesome - my guy is obsessed too!

  2. Great ideas! I love the iDad iphone card!!

  3. What a fabulous round up of homemade Father's Day gifts. I'll need to get organised pronto as we'll be away for my sister's wedding. Love the DADDY photo frame idea!

  4. Really cute ideas, thanks for sharing!

  5. Here I was planning on making those book marks from envelopes that you did a while back and you've gone and thrown a spanner in the works with more ideas!!

    Hope you have all recovered from your winter lurgies! We got back home today, and I am drowning in washing.
    xo Lee

  6. Great Idea Anne thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks Anne for these!! I'm loving the ticket book ... and seeing I wasn't going to spend anything this fathers day it's perfect!

  8. Some great ideas here Anne! Looks like it's time to get crafting!

  9. That printable ticket book is the best idea!!! So cute. I used to make my dad coupons for Father's Day...1 free foot massage, 1 week of making his bed, all of that kind of stuff. This ticket book is definitely more professional than the coupons I used to make him!

  10. Thanks for the shout out! Great list!
    Emily aka Toad@ToadsTreasures


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