Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Travelling Toy

It's like I knew nothing, absolutely nothing about what to expect when the kids started Kindergarten and school. I'd been to Kindy and school, albeit a long time ago, but I knew you wore a uniform, took lunch from home, played in the school yard and learnt stuff. Little did I know there'd be a 'travelling toy' to take home, to photograph and give an insight into what life's like at your place. Those poor toys!

For the uninitiated, most schools, Kindergartens or day care centres in Australia, have a resident toy. They usually differ from year to year and I assume that would be because of the state of the toy, after all that travelling, and it'd be ready for the trash! 

Awwww, this is when I love him most!
The toy gets to spend around 2 weeks at your house which means you have 2 weeks to get photographs taken of the toy with your child, the rest of the family, the pets, on a bus, in a car, in a plane, on a boat, on a slippery slide, at the dinner table. Basically anywhere you are, the toy is there too. It just about drives me crazy because at the last minute I remember that the toy is here and I better get some photos. We do the whole dinner table, in bed at night, with the kids playing etc but it's all getting a bit boring.

The following photos would probably be better.
Nosey at dinner time with the fussy eaters

Nosey trying to break up the fights

Nosey...just I would be!
My daughter had a travelling toy in Kindergarten and her 1st year of school in Prep and now my son has done it and will do so again next year when he starts school. After that, if I never see another stuffed toy in a pretty drawstring bag and a scrapbook, I'll be happy.

(PS My photoshop skills are just as bad as my scrapbooking skills.)



  1. I know what you mean about forgetting until the last minute that you have the traveling toy! I like your altered pictures! The last one makes me anxious just looking at it! Right at this very moment I have a can of red paint sitting in my daughter's room because of the room makeover!

  2. Great photos Anne. Glad to say that paticular craze seems to have bypassed the uk :)

    I do remember my sister bringing home the class gerbils once. I still have the scar where on bit me! xx

  3. Love the pic of the travelling fox! Reminds me of Paddington Bear.
    My eldest did this last year at kinder. He waited ages for his turn, and then when we finally brought Ted home he hardly played with him. I thought it was fun though.

  4. Au contrair, I LOVE you photoshop skills!

  5. We never had a travelling toy, but I remember wishing desperately for the days of show and tell to be over - it seemed to go on for years, trying to find an interesting object (not a toy) to take into school to talk about each week!

  6. Love the photoshop skills! Gosh you made me laugh with this one, I adore the picture of the children who had been busy painting....classic!


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