Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10 things about me you didn't need to know

Hell hath no fury like a mummy's curse!
When Gemma from My Big Nutshell tweeted last night that she had a surprise for me this morning, little did I think that it would be to join in on listing 10 things you didn't need to know about me. (I thought she was giving me a prize or a ticket to somewhere. WRONG!)

I have probably a million things I could tell you about being a bad mummy that you didn't need to know (goes against the whole blissful domesticated life I supposedly live) but you wouldn't want to read that so I have 10 things to tell you about, that happened this morning, while I was trying to read Gemma's blog post. I've been trying since 7am and it's now 1pm. A whole lot more than 10 bad things have happened but I've culled it.

So, while trying to read Gemma's vlog post about "10 things you didn't need to know about her", I...
  1. ...let my daughter vomit on herself while I was making myself a cup of tea. The disposable vomit bag was right beside her. Better on her than the lounge, for goodness sake.
  2. ...saw my 4 yo son trying to trim shrub branches with the hedge trimmer while I was getting the washing (spewy clothes included) out of the machine.
  3. ...told my daughter to be quiet when I finally got Youtube to work and play Gemma's post. My daughter was complaining that she needed a puff of Ventolin and I said, "shhhhh". She said, "I'll get it Mummy."
  4. ...took the kids to the corner store for their favourite pack of lollies and lemonade (was just supposed to be getting milk) so I didn't have to take them to the shopping centre for a few groceries.
  5. ...just kept answering the kids with "oh right" or "oh really?" when they were asking questions like "can we have some breakfast?" or "can I have a drink of water?".
  6. ...listened to my daughter asking to use the computer to play her Barbie game but I kept saying no because I've just got to watch Gemma's vlog.
  7. ...was getting worried that I have over 150 blog posts to read while my sick kid's eyes are turning square from watching too much TV.
  8. ...was giving in to my kid's demands at the corner store to buy a curly, twirly novelty drinking straw at some ridiculous price just so they'd shut up and I could get home quickly to try to read Gemma's post.
  9. ...made the kids Vegemite sandwiches, again, for lunch.
  10. ...will do this later when my husband gets home, but I'm going to kill him for recording a kid's movie (Alvin & The Chipmunks - one of my least favourite mind you) from free to air TV so I had to fast forward through the ads the whole time instead of getting to read Gemma's post.
But I got there in the end. I've now given my kids lots of hugs and cuddles. They forgot they weren't the centre of the universe from 7:00am until 1:00pm today and they survived. Gemma, thanks for involving me in your antics. Hope no one thinks any less of me. It probably sounds a lot worse than it actually was. My kid's health and welfare is always my number one priority. Honest it is!



  1. LOL!! You are so hilarious and you are a great momma!!

  2. And thank you for introducing me to the big nutshell blog! Too funny! Anne you are just awesome

  3. Oh Anne how could you???!!!! Ahahaha!!! We're 2 peas in a pod. Sounds like me I have done all those things including not stopping my son touch the fry pan and stirring while I was making a cuppa. Not getting toilet paper for a few mins cause I wanna check Facebook.. The list goes on... Thanks for sharing was great reading xx

  4. don't we all have days like that? my 4 yo is watching ABC kids right now so I can catch up on stuff, like booking a trip that she isn't going on!
    J xx

  5. Seriously hilarious! My brother just came in to see what I was laughing so loudly at! He is here to help with the kids because I am a little tired of them today!

    Oh Anne, so sorry it was trouble for your very eventful parenting day! Well I say this to your daughter, it is important to learn how to be an independent vomiter, it is an essential life skill for adulthood!

    you are FABULOUS! xxxx

  6. Thank GOODNESS there are other mums out there like me! And thanks for sharing. I feel normal now.

  7. That's being a bad mother? Crap I'm in trouble!!

  8. Haha! Wonderful Anne. At the moment my kids are dumped in front of the TV so I can have a few moments to myself...it's not bad parenting...it's sane parenting!

  9. hahahaha, just can't stop laughing
    x Marnie

  10. Ok, I think this goes down as my favorite post - ever. LOVE. You are too, too funny :) And I see you got the Chipmunks movie! We're now on to the sequel....


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