Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm back (but have computer problems)

Hi everyone! I've missed my blog and my blogging friends. I returned late last night and Mount Washmore awaits. My husband did such a good job keeping on top of things, especially since my son was violenting ill with a tummy bug. He vomited solid for 2 days and finished up in hospital one night. I've gone around every room this morning and with our holiday clothes, I've found 2 baskets of washing to do plus towels etc.

To top it off, I've got internet connection problems and the technician is booked in for tomorrow afternoon. It's taken 2 hours just to do this post (if it works) so I'll hopefully have my holidays photos loaded and blogged over the next day or so.

The weather is definitely warmer on my return and the menu will be changing. I think my slow cooker will be put out to pasture till winter next year and I'll be looking forward to lighter, fresher meals.

Thanks for keeping in touch with me while I was away. (I can't even reply to blog comments, Facebook, Twitter or emails).



  1. Yay! Welcome back! At least you'll get a chance to climb Mt Washmore. xx

  2. Welcome back Anne. Completely understand the washing thing. We've been back two weeks and I'm still not on top of it!!! Hope the computer problems clear up soon.

  3. Yeay glad you are back..Oh no poor little guy hope he feel better soon!

  4. Welcome back! I'm sorry your son got sick and that your connection is on being wimpy! Hopefully the tech can take care of the connection!

  5. Extra washing is so time consuming. It just keeps on piling up!

  6. Yippee! and Oh bummer.
    Glad you're back.


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