Saturday, September 24, 2011

While the cat's away...

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...the mice were supposed to be working. Well, that was the plan. When my daughter and I took off for Melbourne last Thursday night, my husband had planned to rip up the carpet from our living room and vinyl floor covering from the kitchen. We have lovely timber floor boards underneath which will be polished. Something we've been planning to do, oh, for about 11 years!

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They had such a big boy's weekend planned. They made mini hot dogs, ate party pies (small meat pies for anyone who doesn't know), nachos and all the good stuff.

They drank ginger beer (my 4 year old son thought this was really cool because he thought he was a big man drinking beer, not that my husband drinks beer). They worked in the house, went to the hardware store and had a great time, that was until...

... baby mouse got sick. The poor thing vomited from Friday afternoon, right through the night, all day Saturday and only started to come good on Sunday. A doctor came to the house and told Daddy mouse to take him to the hospital. They stayed until 2:30am on the Saturday morning. It was just some gastro bug he picked up from somewhere. The carpet and vinyl did get pulled up and the towels and rags used to wipe up the mess from being sick was all done on my return. What a good husband I've got.

Then, yesterday, my daughter picked up the same bug and didn't move off the couch all day, vomiting her little heart out. I wasn't too far, making sure she got it in the spew bags and not on the couch. Poor little thing was so sick. She woke up as good as gold this morning. You wouldn't have thought she was sick. Fingers crossed my cast iron stomach can avoid this thing. That's one week of school holidays down. Wonder what the second week will bring?



  1. Oh no!! That is no fair getting sick on a school vacation!! Hopefully all of you will feel better for the rest of the time!

  2. You have been hit hard this year with the bugs. Feel better soon, everyone.

  3. oh no! It's so awful when the kiddos are sick, bless their hearts. I hope everyone is feeling better!

  4. Hope your little one gets better soon. Let's hope you don't get it!


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