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Listography: Top 5 Toys for Kids

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Kate from Kate Takes 5 has a doosie (is that how you spell doosie?) of a Listography this week. She's asked us to list our top 5 toys. Kate says, "I'm not going to go into age groups - just list your Top 5 toys of all time. Once all your lists are in I will compile the Top 10 Toys for Christmas as voted by Parent Bloggers* list and put it up here. If you want the final list to share on your own blog just come on over and take it." I've come to the conclusion that I'm not getting anymore toys for the kids this year, aged 7 and 5. Oh well, maybe one or two but not like I have in year's past. I'm being more practical with the gift giving. I'll let you all know how that goes!

I can totally relate to this Barbie!
 1.  Barbie

My number one choice for favourite toy by me or my daughter would be Barbie. She was my favourite for many years and now is fast becoming my daughter's favourite. It's a little bit of escape for all of us. Perfect figure, gorgeous long hair, fashions, camper trailers, Princess Castles, you name it. Wouldn't it be nice?

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2.  Doll's pram

Ever since the kids could 'toddle', they had a doll's pram, even my son. They'd take their dolls, cars, toy monkeys, dinosaurs, whatever, on a ride around the yard. The kids got so much use out of it.

3.  A ball

Even when they were tiny weeny babies, the kids always had a ball. Whether it was a soft squishy fabric ball, a beach ball, a blown up balloon, a rugby football or soccer ball, they've always loved playing with them. They're getting a real kick out of the tiny little bouncy balls at the moment. I can remember how much joy a humble old tennis ball gave me all those years ago.

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4.  Plastic or stuffed dinosaurs

These little guys (you know the ones that get left on the floor and finish up an inch into your foot) have given both my kids (especially my daughter) a lot of enjoyment over the years. Since she was two years old, my daughter wanted to be a paleontologist. She's slowing starting to change her mind to something a little more accessible like a hairdresser. This little $2 packet of dinosaurs has kept her amused for ages as well as the stuffed kind plus the character dinosaurs from shows such as "Land Before Time" and "Dinosaur Train". I believe they teach the children to have a good sense of time and what effect the weather has on the environment.

5.  Lightning McQueen and Cars

I couldn't do a blog post on my kid's favourite toys without putting Lightning McQueen and his friends on the list. It's every merchandiser's dream to have a such a range of toys and related products. I know my son's room looks like the inside of Lightning McQueen's trailer Mac but he absolutely adores Lightning and his friends. We haven't gone right into a lot of the larger packaged items like race tracks etc but he has quite a few of the Matchbox cars and he and his sister play for hours with them.

The kids have been into a lot of different character toys over the years and we've bought the occasional stuffed toy or movie promotional toy but the above have been what's stood the test of time. You could also add paper bag, crinkly paper, wooden spoon and saucepan and bucket and spade to this list because they've also had a lot of fun with those simple things too.

Head on over to Kate Takes 5 Listography to see what everyone else's favourite 5 toys are for Christmas this year and what the final Top 10 will be.

Update: 11 November 2011

This list has finally been compiled. You can find the top 5 toys, as voted by parent bloggers, on Kate's blog.



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  3. Love the Barbie pic! My 3 year old is Lightening crazy too - we actively encourage it!

  4. Barbie has a very special place in Olive's heart. This year she's getting a Pirate Barbie cake (I got the costume sent over from US) and I have a Wonder Woman Barbie that I bought for myself years ago, still in its box, which I've decided to give to her. her favourite app on my phone at the moment is the Barbie, I can be anything game.

  5. Ooh Ooh, We like wooden trains, (the kind you push by hand), Doll Pram (or stroller as we call it), toy kitchen with toy shopping cart, and toy laptop and art supplies.

  6. Barbie and Lightening are firm favorites in this house too! Another toy that has received hours of mileage is Mobilo. An awesome toy for kids!

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