Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pinning & Singing - Children's school friend & teacher Christmas gifts

As part of my plans in the lead up to Christmas, I like to get a head start on the 60 or so gifts that I'd like my children to give their school and kindy mates and teachers. I like it to be a heart felt gift from my child so their involvement is imperative. Most of the other kids give candy canes and that's okay but my kids finish up eating candy canes until June so I just like to give something a little different. It's usually something sweet as well but maybe with a small message. I've got nearly 30 for school and over 20 for kindergarten. There's also 3 school teachers and 4 at kindy.  Busy days ahead.  Here's a few ideas I've pinned this week.

Reindeer food

Coated marshmallows (or sugarplums if you like)

Thank you note stationery with child's personally drawn image

Chinese takeaway container full of fortune cookies

Hand cream holder

Marshmallow poop

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

Recycled containers full of sweets

Gumdrop (or soft jube) Christmas Tree on a stick

Gumdrop (or soft jube) Santa on a stick
Source: None via Anne on Pinterest

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Noses
Source: None via Anne on Pinterest
Macaroni Christmas Decoration

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  1. Love these pins, Anne! They're all so cute - especially the reindeer noses and snowman poop :) Thanks for linking up!

  2. Clever ideas! You're committed to make so many! I'd go with the rudolph noses - nice and easy ;)

  3. They are all such fab ideas, I thnk I want to do every one of them he he he!

  4. What great ideas! Now to decide which ones to make!

  5. Snowman poop! Priceless! Great pins :)

  6. Such lovely ideas! My favourite is the reindeer noses...I might do some of those myself. Thanks so much for linking up xxx

  7. They are all awesome such brilliant ideas :-)

  8. I am off to bookmark a few of these. Such great ideas.

  9. ohh great ideas! i need a present for a teacher this week actually so i think hand cream with some hands is gonna be it.
    good one thanks!

  10. I've done those marshmallow pops. They are easy. THe sticks are expensive here though. Craft and baking supplies are so expensive here, it's cheaper to just buy something already made. Of course, it's not nearly as nice.

    If it were me, I'd tackle the one I want, but have some supplies on hand for the simplest in case I decided to scrap it all and just go read some blogs. :)

  11. Great ideas Anne! Kids are delighted with anything having to do with poop so I'm sure the reindeer poop would be a huge hit!

  12. The suits are expensive here, though. Crafts and cooking utensils are so expensive here, it's cheaper to buy something already made. Of course, not so nice.

    Christmas Gifts for 2011


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