Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pinning & Singing - It'll be starting to feel like Christmas soon

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Okay, enough already! I do this every year when I say, in January, that I WILL be organised for Christmas and it just never happens. Here we are, 11 weeks until Christmas and I'm no closer to having anything organised than I was at the start of the year. Time to get into action and get started planning an Advent calendar, Kindy and school friends gifts, Christmas shopping (nearly all done) plus throw into that a combined 7 year and 5 year old girl/boy pirate party and my Mum's 80th birthday and just the usual day to day stuff. Will I survive? Yes, I suppose I will. Here's a few things on my to do list, including an Advent calendar similar to the above.

Santa strawberries & cream
North Pole cupcakes
Santa can/vase

Christmas tree applique t-shirt

Christmas pizza

Recycled Christmas card banner

Santa appetisers
Cute recycled Christmas tree button card
I'm not sure what was happening but the Pinterest embedding feature wasn't working so I've just copied the pictures and added links to the pin on my board. Better start 'doing' and less 'pinning' until at least after Christmas.

My song for this week is one to honour the racing car drivers who will be heading around Mount Panorama in Bathurst tomorrow for the BIG RACE. I won't be watching it but this is one of my favourite driving songs (or it was when I was in my early 20's heading to the beach every weekend).  Head on over to Natasha's "5 Minutes Just For Me" to see everyone elses pins.



  1. I am ready for Christmas! Really great ideas here for Christmas. Love the pizza! Too cute! I also have some driving songs, this is a classic.

  2. I love the North pole cupcakes! We have already started buying for xmas and already have nearly all our kids pressies. Wish I could take the credit for it but its all down to hubby and his obsession with santa, lol.

    I'm soooooo excited to see a christmassy blog post going up already x

  3. I really like the North Pole cupcakes too. I love the Santa strawberries, but it;s' the wrong time of year for them here. So cute.

  4. Thanks for popping by my blog today!

    I love your pins - my mission for this week is advent calendars as i want to make a new one this year (have had a simple but very cute one in the past make with scrapbooking supplies).

    I think I will be serving those strawberries this year for sure!

    Deb -from home life simplified

  5. I dread this time of year, don't like the lead up to it, the actual day is good though, relaxing. I do like your pictures, especially the pizza :)

  6. Love the North Pole cute! I'm slowly getting started with my Christmas shopping and planning. The kids started writing their Christmas cards yesterday...I will not leave everything to the last minute this year!

    I'm watching Bathurst today...Go Lowndes!

  7. We must be twins in a past life Anne. This week mind is consumed with making advent calendars and planning a pirate party for Olive in Dec. Found some cute ideas online today - let me know if you want some links.

  8. I will be making the santa strawberries for sure ... how cute are they!

  9. Another great round up!! I love those mini stockings as an Advent calendar.

  10. Would you please come and live with me Anne? I am never ready for Christmas! Since we had family at our house last year, we went all out. So this year, will be very low key and more relaxing!

  11. Oh my! I've not even begun to think about Christmas!
    Love the Advent calender & the strawberries.

  12. Those strawberries are so cute. People are so clever to come up with this stuff.



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