Friday, November 25, 2011

My baby turns 5 & birthday VLOG

After all the cupcake baking, pirate party preparations, my daughter's 7th birthday, more cupcake decorating, it was finally my son's 5th birthday today. He was born early in the morning after a worrying night of his heart rate rising and dropping because of me being violently ill with a vomiting bug so it'll be a moment I won't forget for a long, long time.

Not too long after he was born.

I was a little slack in keeping his photos in chronological order. I was only looking at his 'just born' photos the other day and do you think I can find them? Nooooooo!

He awoke to everyone wishing him happy birthday, opening his presents and then we decided his sister, who had been complaining of a sore tummy all week, would come into the city with us on the long awaited train ride I promised him. I was a little nervous taking both of them but we survived to tell the tale.

His cupcakes for Kindy on Wednesday were nothing spectacular. Just the leftover chocolate icing from the pirate cake, tinted with a little black, a white line drawing down the middle to resemble a road and 2 racing car lollies on top. All the little boys at Kindy loved them. (Car lollies available from a confectionery speciality store.)

What he 'always wanted', "Sidley" the plane from Cars 2.

Blowing out the candle on the $2.99 plain frozen cheesecake he requested for his birthday dinner cake
(also his Dad's favourite)

And the obligatory birthday VLOG, complete with toilet humour as expected of a 5 year old boy. We love you Benny boy!



  1. Hope he had a Supersaurus Birthday! :) x

  2. Is that real money? Oh bless him! Hope he had a fab day, great vlog (made me chuckle) x

  3. Yay...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENNY! What a sweet boy!


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