Monday, November 28, 2011

Review: Jingle All The Way (by Hallmark)

My family love stuffed animals. Me, I can take them or leave them, but the kids and my (now ex) husband love them. They have teddy bears, a life sized Bambi and Thumper, dinosaurs, Lightning McQueen, dogs, cats, bunny rabbits, you name it. (Daddy even has stuffed Star Wars toys!) When I was asked to try out a new stuffed dog toy by Hallmark called "Jingle" I knew my kids would go ballistic when they saw it. We had the big reveal tonight after their bath. They've just been so busy with their birthday presents, I didn't want to overload them with another gift. (I got around this by saying Jingle belonged to Daddy and I and they were allowed to have a turn.)

[photo source]
The thing is, Jingle is so darn soft and cute I'm not sure I want to pass him up. The best thing about little Jingle is that he's interactive! Yes, interactive! You read the story that comes in the pack and Jingle barks, sings and cries throughout the story. It's a really sweet story involving the big guy in the red suit so the timing is perfect for Christmas.

The good people at Hallmark have also created a free App for your iPhone or iPad which comes with hours of fun and interactive games for your child (or yourself). You can also record your own voice to tell the story. They have other cuddly Story Buddies you can check out here.

I'm not sure how I'm going to go try to get Jingle back but I know the kids are going to have a ball hugging and cuddling him and reading the lovely Christmas story. My daughter read the story to her little brother last night. They get so excited when Jingle interacts with them. (At least Jingle doesn't eat much.)

Use this handy store finder to find your local Jingle stockist. For more information, click here.



  1. Super cute! I know so many kids who would love to get one of these! I like how pleased Amelia and Benny are when Jingle barks!

  2. Love the post bath photos, wet hair and pjs on. Miss A would love this too. We could get Daddy to record the stories so Miss A could listen to him when he is away.

    Hope you've had a good start to the week. xx

  3. How adorable!! Stuffed animals are a pretty big deal around here :)

  4. Your kids are adorable Anne! I'm definitely getting a Jingle for the pickles. Thanks for stopping by and the lovely comments.
    x Marnie


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