Friday, November 18, 2011

Snoopy themed nursery for boy or girl

I was going through some of my old baby photos of the kids last night and I came across these couple that I took just before my first born entered my world. I can remember sitting on that rocking chair, tears welling up, thinking how lovely it will be when my daughter would arrive. Wrong! It wasn't anything like what I thought it would be like. I guess Post Natal Depression  doesn't help plus having unrealistic expectations like the nappy holder I made in the left of the picture. Like, what the? Who was I kidding thinking I would use cloth nappies? I also sewed those matching cushions.

We knew we were having a girl so we wanted pink but my (now ex) husband and I are huge Snoopy fans so I thought about adding a few Snoopy type things in the nursery. The mobile I picked up from a second hand shop and added the plush McDonald's Snoopy toys. (Both kids absolutely adored this and it's still in the cupboard.)

I printed a few pictures from the Internet, picked up a couple things here and there plus what we already had and the nursery was done. (Note: CD player was for the beautiful classical music I would play to soothe her to sleep. Oh right! Yeah, like that happened. It was more like Iron Maiden tunes being belted out at top volume to drown out the screaming which would happen from 4:00pm until 7:00pm every day for about 9 months! She had colic. Lucky me!)

When my son came along, I picked up some baby Snoopy fabric really cheap from the US, which I also used to cover a lamp shade I picked up from a car boot sale, a Snoopy pyjama bag and the cot quilt, which was also picked up from ebay.

Please also note Bambi and Thumper. Thumper is my son's favourite 'go to' toy, or was. He'd rather a Transformer or Lightning McQueen now. (I just don't think he'll admit Thumper is still his favourite. He's a big 5 year old in a week's time.) I sometimes wonder how I got through these days. Great memories though.



  1. Bloody hell, Anne, that's the tidiest kid's room I've ever seen. Wanna swap with mine? Just for a while. Aw, go on. Please..
    Keith (RHD)

  2. Great rooms! It so true about the expectations when you are having a baby. And no matter how much anyone tries to warn you, it is still a HUGE adjustment!!

  3. precious, really, just precious. I bet those pictures brought up some great memories.

  4. My eldest daughter loves Snoopy! She has a prehistoric snoopy toy that belonged to her Dad and she loves it to death!


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