Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top 10 entertaining ideas with puff pastry

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With the Christmas/New Year party season well and truly upon us, I don't think you can go past the humble ready made, frozen, puff pastry to throw together a few appetisers for when company comes around. I always have it in the freezer and even with a couple sheets and some grated cheese, I can produce some cheesy pastry sticks to nibble on with drinks. Here's a few of my favourite ideas.

1.  Sausage Rolls

2.  Pigs in Blankets (this recipe has jalepenos and cheese added)
3.  Caprese Tarts
4.  Parmesan Puff Sticks
5.  Savoury Palmiers
6.  Champagne Chicken Vol au Vents
7.  Pastry spoons (these are topped with a Crab Rangoon)
8. Curry puffs
9.  Vegetable Samosas
10. Asparagus & Proscuitto Spirals
Okay. Now I'm hungry. Just wish I was having friends over for New Year's Eve so I could prepare some of these. Remember to work with what you've got.



  1. I am currently out of puff pastry but need to get more in the freezer! My husband's brother and family are in town so I will be needing some easy to prepare snacks. All of those look delicious!

  2. wow..these ideas are really very useful....thanks for sharing...

  3. Love love love all your delicious puff pastries. They all look absolutely yummy. I just love to use puff pastry as I think it just makes food a little more elegant. Saw you on WUW and so glad I came!!!

  4. New Years is such a boring old time around the Clevenger place. Wish I were having some company too.

  5. Wow, I love all of them. I have to try at least two of these for New Years. Thanks for sharing them all. Come visit. We have a terrific tortellini appetizer to share.

  6. Your recipes looks delicious and your photography is stunning!

  7. la recette que j'ai ne me satisfait pas ,je suis très preneuse !! merci par avance
    un bon recette j'ais déjà traité un site comme ca


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