Monday, January 30, 2012

Listography: Top 5 websites

I think Kate from Kate Takes 5 might be getting a little serious with her choice for Listography subjects. Serious or she's taking on a role as web designer or social media mogul. The week before last it was blogging tips. Come on Kate. What happened to the good old topics like games I used to play or my top 5 guilty pleasures. Just kidding Kate. I love linking up each week, time permitting. Gives me 5 minutes to think about 5 things I like.


This is what I open first every day. It has every email account I own and it keeps me in touch with everyone and everything that's going on in my life, like my blog, who's commented, sponsorship deals (just kidding) and emails from friends.

2.  Google Reader

This is the second web site I go to. My favourite past time is reading other people's blogs, that is food and craft blogs and I love to see what everyone's been up to. I've also made a lot of friends in blog world and I love having that insight into their daily lives. I should also say I spend too much time reading other people's blogs.

3.  Facebook

Even though I don't really like Facebook, I find it's a necessary evil. I have a fan page set up for my blog and I like to check every morning if anyone's commented or liked something I've linked up on Facebook. I do like keeping in touch with friends who I don't see on a regular basis. But I really don't have any time for Facebook at all.

4. by Leo Babauta

I love all the blogs I have in my reader but if I see a post by Leo Babauta from zen habits first thing in the morning, I feel like I have some inspirational words to get me through the day. He always seems to say the right thing on a day when I need it, for example reducing clutter or keeping motivated.

5. Cook's Thesaurus

Okay, so I might not visit this web site every morning or every day for that matter but it's one of my favourites. It's how I can cook what I cook. Not having every ingredient I need for a recipe never stops me from cooking it because of this site. There is practically a substitution for every ingredient for every recipe. I love it and it's one of my most used web sites.

So there you are Kate. Hope you don't take my earlier comment serious. Who knows? You might be asking for our top 5 underwear patterns or top 5 cheeses or something, although you know I'd love to tell you what my top 5 cheeses are! Head over to Kate's blog to see what everyone else is saying.



  1. LOVE this. It's amazing how we are creatures of habit! I don't have a hotmail account but I do have a yahoo and gmail account that is checked first thing each day! I LOVE your blog...I feel like I have found a kindred spirit! Happy Sunday!

  2. I will be bookmarking the Cook'sThesaurus pronto. Ta

  3. Love this post Anne. I am going to Kates blog. Also LOVED the Picnic Pins. Was that on this post? When I got the email it was. Anyway I repinned several of them. Wouldn't it be just too darling to have a picnic table with those little log stools and cushions. A childs dream come true. We would really feel like we were in fairy land. Thanks for sharing all of these. And I'll confess I spend too much time reading too many blogs too. Shame on us. But it is so much fun. Besides I learn alot. Luv u friend.


  4. Great Choices Anne, I've never visited so will pop over and take a look x

  5. Oh, interesting - Cook's Thesaurus - now there's one I can't resist checking out, thanks!

  6. Like the idea of zenhabits might have to pop over and have a look! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. I have just stopped looking at google reader as it was taking over my life. For me it is best to just look away! I like Zen Habits on Facebook, but don't often read the posts, I will now. Xx

  8. Cooks Thesaurus - brilliant. Will be suing that in future. And on the subject of Listography topics I did have 'biscuits' inbetween - hardly serious!! (but point taken :))

  9. Love these choices. I also spend a lot of time in Google Reader, such a good way to keep up to date with my blogs. And I like me a bit of Zen Habits too, to be honest a lot of it is really the same thing said in different ways, but it's always motivational!

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