Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Naming school belongings

When it's back to school time, you are probably inundated with "school labelling" companies offering gorgeous tags, dots, stickers and labels in every colour under the rainbow for the low, low price of $29.95 and then some. I actually thought I had to buy these labels when my daughter started Kindergarten and stuck the stickers on drink bottles, lunch boxes and food coolers. Yeah, they stuck for about 2 washes and that was it. It's not necessary.

All you need is a laundry proof "Sharpie" and white out and/or fabric paint to mark dark items like black school shoes.

My kids both got new socks this year and after 2 years of washing, the Sharpie on the old socks withstood the test of time (and washing).

Most of the school uniforms, that is shorts, skirts, t-shirts and dresses come with an inbuilt tag which just needs to be marked.

There's lunch boxes. Check out how cool this lunch box is that Santa bought my son.

I use fabric paint pens for the inside of school bags and satchels.

And I use liquid paper to mark the inside of shoes. When the school says to label everything, I do. If a child has something in their possesion at school, it can and will get lost. I've been pretty lucky with my daughter not losing anything. Plenty of times she's left things behind at school but as long as it's marked, 9 times out of 10, we can usually reclaim it. We'll see how I go with my son starting school this year. Less than a week to go. The countdown has begun!

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  1. I love Sharpies for marking things! I also use paint markers. It is crazy how many things they lose at school! I've tried to look through the lost and found pile and it is out of control!

  2. Great idea for the white out! I would never have thought of that! (Fluff For the Mindless Reader)

  3. That's a fabulous idea, Anne. When I was in school we never did that, except for our pencil boxes...those had our names on it..and unlike the name implies, held everything from pencils to pens, crayons and liquid paper. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  4. These are such practical labeling ideas...they would work well for camp also!

  5. Days Shmays, I bet you have a countdown going by the hour!

  6. Great ideas! It's so expensive getting kids organised for back to school, it's good to save where you can!

  7. Great ideas! We do the sharpie for our socks too. My husband and son's feet are so close in size now we can't tell their socks apart. Thanks so much for linking up with us this week.

  8. What great ideas! Reece just started kindergarten this year and so we have been needing to label his stuff. Thank you so much for sharing at Taking A Timeout Thursday!

  9. Great idea for the whiteout, I must say Ive been worried about the shoes and ended up painting pink nailpolish just under the inner sole of each.

    I use masking tape + nicko for lunchboxes, goes thru the dishwasher and doesnt come off! Actually come to think of it, I use Masking tape to label everything around here ;)

  10. Love the idea of labelling the socks by simply writing their names on. Hadn't thought about the socks! I did buy the name sticker labels on sale last year in preparation for school. If they don't last the distance then I have some great alternative ideas for labelling her stuff.

  11. Being a first timer I did buy a label pack thinking that was the thing to do now. But I remember my mum using all the above tips, I will probably revert to these before too long.


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