Saturday, January 28, 2012

Out and about: Kalinga Park

We visited my Mother last weekend and promised the kids a trip to one of her local parks, Kalinga Park. Mum is on the northside of town, where I grew up.

I can remember walking to Kalinga Park to play inter-school softball when I was at high school. The boy's sports always got top priority on the school's sporting grounds so us girls had to walk to Kalinga Park. No big deal I guess.

I also can't remember such fantastic playground equipment. This is all relatively new.

There's a great range of equipment for kids of all ages and abilities. In fact, I think there were more toddlers there on this particular day.

My kids were there 5 minutes and got a game of 'tiggy' started up. It was so muggy and the poor little guys were wringing wet with perspiration.

There are swings, slides and poles to slide down. (Check out my boy wearing his brand new school shoes to break them in before he started school. He thought he was such a big boy with his school shoes on. I had to pry them off him to get him in the bath. He would've worn them to bed if I let him!)

Funky designed picnic tables and chairs and free electric barbecues for a hot meal.

There's some hills to roll down. Toilets are close by as well.

There is a walking/bike track that goes from Kedron basically through to Nudgee Beach which runs through Kalinga Park. Kedron Brook runs beside the park and is always a good hunting ground for the kids and maybe even getting their feet wet (as long as it's not flooding which seems to be all the time here in Brisbane).

We'll be taking more food and more cold drinks next time. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it. A lovely park set in a natural bush setting.



  1. What a wonderful park and what a beautiful location. Takes my breath away! What a great place to spend your day!

  2. Such a beautiful park and fantastic play equipment! All of that green grass and the leaves on the trees make me long for spring! I love the picture of Amelia sitting on Ben...LOL!

  3. What an awesome park! Isn't it amazing how kids don't seem to mind the heat? The photo of Emelia sitting on Ben is a classic.

  4. What a great park and place for the kids to run and play!! I really enjoyed looking at your lovely photos!!

  5. What agorgeous park for kids. I dont remember parks being this good when we were little. Beautiful photos hun of a lovely weekend. I love that kids despite the heat, still run around like lunatics :) Thanks for linking up :) xx

  6. I looked at this the other day and meant to tell you how beautiful it is. Parks are way cooler now than when we were kids. Now I must go google tiggy. :)


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