Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pinning & Singing: Valentine's Day for the kids

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day here in Australia like they do in the United States but there's something cute about receiving your first card from your 'secret admirer' or giving a little treat to a few friends. I'm always up for a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates and a card but those days are over. Used to happen in the beginning of our relationship but mortgage and kids come first. Here are some cute ideas from Pinterest to get the kids involved in Valentine's Day.

Glowstick with printable


Photo card holding lollipop

Wire and string hearts

Plastic shovel with candy + printable

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

Cute vintage printable gift box

Rocket Valentine

Kid's artwork Valentine's card

Pencil candy Valentine's gift

Sewn paper hearts filled with candy

Butterfly gift card with lollipop

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

DIY recycled heart shaped crayons with gift card

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  1. Yay! See now...aren't they just adorable ;) It looks like I have some repinning to do! I totally understand what you mean though because me and my husband don't do so much for Valentine's Day anymore either. Sometimes he will pick up some takeout for us or buy me a small box of chocolates but we need to spend our money in other ways!
    ~Tonia @TheGunnySack

  2. "commercialised crap" ... that's what micko says in response to valentines day! Lucky I don't really give a hoot either way. Love the pins though if I was crafty or could be bothered I would totally do that crayon thing ... how cool is that!

  3. Cute finds on Pinterest! We can always have fun with Valentines Day with our family and friends!

  4. These are all so cute Anne.

    I don't think I've ever gotten anything from Mr Di-licious for Valentines day but I do enjoy organising something for him from Olive.

    I love the artwork card idea and will probably do something like that.

    D x

  5. Love Valentines Day and these pinned ideas are darling.!! I use to make giant decorated heart shaped sugar cookies for my kids classes with each child's name on it when they were growing up. I have some daughters who still carry on the tradition. But they make just the regular size. Frosted sugar cookies are my all time favorite. Hey maybe I ought to do a post on that. (smile)You've inspired me again Anne. Another great site that does alot of fun kids and family recipes is She's a friend of mine and I think she has some of the cutest and tastiest ideas for holidays. You'd love her site.


  6. I love the string hearts & the crayon shapes - great ideas!

  7. hmm...I just dropped a valentine in the mail on its way to Australia. Good ideas you have here.

  8. Thanks for pinning these ideas...they are all great. I especially like the string art hearts! Hope your weekend is going well! :D

  9. What a great collection of pins. I don't have any kids but love to watch.

  10. You found some great Valentine's ideas. It's a shame we don't do Valentine's over here-it's fun for the little kids!

    Thanks so much for joining in with my weekly Pinning Party! With back to school things taking over my life this week's party is so late. has finally started so please pop by if you have 5 minutes!

    Have a great week and good luck to the kids on their first week back.

    Best wishes,


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