Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Top 10 lo-cal fish meals

When you're on a budget and trying to cover all the food groups, I'm always looking for a nutritious bargain. Whenever I buy protein of any type, I try to keep the cost to $10 per kilo or less for meat and chicken (not sure of comparable pricing overseas) and sometimes you can buy white fish fillets for $10 per kilo or less. Tinned tuna or salmon is also a good standby for a low fat mornay or fish pie. Besides the health benefits of eating fish, it can be really quite tasty and very low in calories. Here's a few I am going to be cooking up over the next few weeks.

1. Parmesan crumbed baked fish

2. Chermoula fish kebabs & couscous

3. Coconut crusted baked fish

4. Fish with citrus caper sauce

5.  Samak Tarator (Lebanese poached fish with pine nut sauce)

6. Mexican salsa ceviche

7.  Coconut Thai fish packets

 8. Low fat Thai fish cakes

9.  Low fat fish chowder

10.  Low fat fish & chips



  1. OMG These look amazing. I LOVE fish. Are these your recipes? I am so hungry for fish now! The problem is, fish is fairly pricey here since I don't live on the coast. We eat fish probably 2 times a week though. I have died and gone to heaven looking at this post! Which recipe is your favorite?

  2. Remind me to tell you my ceviche story next time we Skype, which should be tonight!

  3. Wow these look SO good and I don't even like fish. But my husband does. And with cancer he tries to get several portions in each week. I know that I need to get the recipes so I can make them for him.
    Thanks for sharing Anne. I always love your posts!



  4. I don't like fish yet these still looked amazing!

  5. As i cant eat red meat I basically live on fish and though I love it, I am always looking for new ways to have it. These look divine. Thanks for more great inspiration hun xx

  6. Some great recipes there. I like your $10 rule. I will adopt that rule of thumb. It is so hard to get cheap fish (that isn't full of Mekong cling-ons!) but if you can do it, so can I. Right?!? x


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