Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to display vintage cutlery

My grandmother passed away 13 years ago this year and one of the things I inherited was her vintage cutlery. It's probably not worth very much but it means so much to me. I've never used it but have had it stored away, always thinking of a way I could display it. My lovely next door neighbour asked if we wanted her old coffee table which housed her Mother's spoon collection. I had a light bulb moment and thought about my Nanna's cutlery. It fits perfectly.

It all needs a good polish, something I can do while I'm watching TV in the evenings. I love how all the spoons aren't perfectly round anymore, that their edges have been worn down over time, probably stirring gravies or custards or just from normal wear and tear. I wonder how old they really are?


  1. Anne...I love love love using the table for your grandmothers cutlery. That is one of the cleverest ideas I've ever seen. A spoon rack is nice but to display a family heirloom like the THATS genius!!! So glad you posted this. I'm going to pin it. So expect some traffic coming to look and repin.

    Love you dear friend,


  2. What a great idea :) :) I think display tables are wonderful. My grandfather had a few of those. OH, I'm glad you have the antique cutlery to remember your grandmother by. Do you know how long she had it, or she came to have it? Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  3. Awesome idea! You have a lovely display...I don't have anything like this to display but I love antique stores and the such...I drool over the beauty of vintage items. You have a wonderful eye for display! Hope your weekend is going well!


  4. What a beautiful set and memories of your grandmother...lovely :)

  5. That's perfect Anne! My silverware is hidden away in a cutlery canteen - which in itself is a beautiful french polished box but you don't get to enjoy the silver. Can't wait to see it polished up!

  6. That is clever, it's reaaly neat, a conversation piece

  7. What a great idea, so lovely to have such treasured pieces where you can appreciate them on a daily basis.

  8. What a fantastic idea! You are a genius, really - what a wonderful way to enjoy your heirlooms! I love the 'look but don't touch' element, I have a few lovely family pieces that are really too precious for everyday use but I would still like to see them all the time.
    Great Job!


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