Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The last day of summer - in review

Wellington Point, Qld - our local beach

Well, it'll be officially over after today. Summer that is and what a mixed up, topsy turvy time we've had. Long gone are the long summer days I grew up with. In the last couple of years, our country has seen the worst flooding ever in parts, bad cyclones, heatwaves, bush fires, inland tsunamis, just to name a few. Our weather here in Brisbane was unbearably hot some days and quite mild and comfortable on others. Not like how it was when I was growing up. It was hot from late September until early May with especially bad humidity from December through until February.

It made it a little hard to plan too much with the kids but other than the vacation to Noosa just before Christmas we played it by ear and went out when the sun was out. It was better this way with my kids as they enjoyed playing with each other (finally).

Waiting for the train

There was the train ride into Brisbane CBD to catch Santa in Santaland.

It was a warm day and thirsty work.

There was our few days away at Noosaville on the Sunshine Coast. Even with intermittent rain, we managed two swims a day. I'm sure the kids grew gills and webbed feet in those few days.

Sibling love at Kindy graduation

There was the end of an era with my son finishing Kindergarten at one of the most wonderful Kindergartens in our area. Both children went there and I'm sorry we haven't got any more children to go through. All of the teachers were fantastic and gave our children a great head start for their education.

Doing the present 'happy dance'

There was Christmas morning full of nice surprises and making wonderful memories, even for the dogs.

I've now got both children at school and we started at a new school this year. We're so happy we made the change. They've both settled in so well.

We spent plenty of time at our local parks and some not so local. Kalinga Park is close to my Mum and we had a lovely time there. It'll be a sad day when the kids will have grown too old for a park.

There were quite a few days at our local beach and a few at the Wynnum Wading Pool and Waterpark. Hopefully we'll have a few more weeks there before it gets too cold.

Another lovely summer full of memories for us and the kids. I wonder what the Bureau of Meteorology will predict for next summer? More floods, more cyclones or dry and hot? We'll see.



  1. Your kids are beautiful! Hopefully the crazy weather will stop and next summer will be the beautiful summer of your youth! Our weather has been crazy here as well.


  2. What a great summer! Well, the huge snowstorm is heading north and we are in for a couple in inches...darn!

  3. It looks like it was a fun one. It gets me excited for mine!

  4. Bar none you have some of the cutest kids I have ever seen. They are precious and adorable. I just want to give them both a big hug and a squeeze. They look like they have the most wonderful time with their mum. Love it. It choked me up bringing back memories to me of my children when they were small. Now its the grandkids. Anne did I tell you I have 34 and number 35 is on the way and will arrive in May. We only have 17 of them around and fairly nearby. I use to take 6 of them swimming (ages 6-14) swimming almost everyday the last 2 summers at the local pool to help their moms out. And they new I was always good for a treat after. But they got hungry so I'd take some healthy snacks for them too. We only stayed 2-3 hrs. But it was fun. We had a good time. I sit under a big tree in a lounge chair and watch. The sun was too hot for me to sit out in it. But it was very relaxing. Oh how I see you are going to miss those days. As I look out my window to a half of foot of snow and have two sweaters on....well I long for the summer again. Thanks for sharing such precious pictures. What a blessed family you are!

    Hugs dear friend,


  5. Hi Anne, and Happy Last Day of Summer to you...ah. What summer? In Sydney right now, it's dark and damp. Our pool has been barely used.
    BUT, it's been a more comfortable time for my husband and all the downs and downs of Parkinsons Disease...
    Back to your photos.
    Treasure them. I have so many times wished I could re-visit those ages with kids and grandkids...but kids at 40, 33 and then teens as grandkids, no-one wants a photo (Grandmaaaaaa!)....lucky tho' still got uninhibited 4 and 2 yo grandkids...and a last one (I think) on the way.
    Happy Day to you....

  6. They are just the cutest. You had a full summer! I cannot wait till ours arrives again!

  7. It looks you had a warmer and sunnier summer up there than we did down here in dull, damp Sydney! What a lovely review of your summer - but doesn't Christmas feel like an age ago?
    Beautiful photo of your local beach.

  8. What a lovely recap Anne! Looks like you had a nice summer. It is quite wintry down here today. I do like to wear my jeans though so I am not complaining. xx


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