Sunday, February 19, 2012

Out and about: Wynnum Wading Pool & Waterpark

Okay, so this happened like about 2 or 3 weeks ago (I can't remember, it was that long ago) due to photo upload problems but I eventually got around to uploading the photos via Photobucket.  This is a morning we had at the Wynnum Wading Pool and Waterpark. We're not far from here and I'd been taking the kids there since they could walk. They both had their introduction to sea water, face first in this pool and now, 5 years later, they love it. The time will come soon when this will be too 'babyish' for them and it'll be on to bigger and better things so in the meantime, we'll continue to come here while the sun is shining and the kids are enjoying it.

Wynnum is an eastern suburb of Brisbane. You can always catch a cool breeze and the facilities at Wynnum Wading Pool are fantastic. The 'pool' is a tidal pool and fresh water fills the pool at every high tide. The entire pool is only 'my thigh deep' so no 'deep ends'. The pool is surrounded by shady trees, picnic tables, free barbecues, toilet amenities and a wonderful waterpark. The waterpark is full of interesting playground equipment for the young ones plus 'squirting whales' which my kids love. You can see in my banner above, the kids standing on the whales from a previous visit.

There's a walking track right beside the complex that takes you right into the Manly Harbour and some beautiful scenery so bring your bikes or scooters.

Wynnum Wading Pool & Waterpark
Wynnum Esplanade

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  1. Wow what a beautiful place! I bet the kids absolutely love it. I'd love it and I'm an adult. When my children were little (I had both babies and wee ones) we lived in Minnesota. I took them to the local pool who had a huge shallow childrens pool close to it. We'd go everyday during the very short summers and it was just really a special time for them and me. Then after we'd go to a little store that sold penny candy and they each got a a couple of pennies to buy a piece or two. (As you can see this was LONG LONG ago.) But to this day the kids remember those days. They are some of their fondest memoires. And this will be your childrens too. What a great mom you are!! Everything you do Anne, your wonderful cooking, crafts and activites always with your family in mine....well to me that is honoring motherhood at its finest. How blessed and fortunate your sweet children are to have you for their mother.

    Love u my dear friend,


  2. any wonder you keep going back there, it looks fabulous.

  3. Wow we have never taken the kids there - must speak to hubby and organise before summer ends! Thanks!

    Deb @ home life simplified

  4. I took our kids there once - had a marvellous time and vowed to go back. Haven't quite made it yet as 'South Bank' is quicker to reach. I promise we'll do it this year though. I remember getting a really nice ice cream at Wynnum - that alone would normally be enough to get me back there :)


  5. I am green with envy! That looks wonderful! What a great idea...I've never seen one of these at the beaches we've visited!

  6. What a fabulous park and pool Anne! It doesn't even look very crowded. We'd love to have something like that here. Must remember it if I am ever in Brissy. xx

  7. Ok, this is now on my MUST DO list!
    Thanks Anne!

  8. What a perfect spot for kids. no wonder you have been going there for so many years. i would too if that was just around the corner from me.
    Thanks for link up lovely :)xx

  9. Awesome. I have never seen anything like this- brilliant. Looks like fun.

  10. Awesome. I have never seen anything like this- brilliant. Looks like fun.


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