Wednesday, March 7, 2012

12 ways with paint chips

Source: via Debi on Pinterest
Light shade

As a young girl, I can remember going to the hardware store with Dad and loved to smell the paint chip charts. There's something about them now when I see them at the paint or hardware store. The thousands of colours and various shades. Who would've thought there'd be so many lovely ways to use them.

Paper punch heart garland
Source: via Kay on Pinterest
Pretty garland

Framed artwork

Funky colour combination artwork
Greeting cards

Miniature books (just for their cuteness?)

Circle Paint Chip Wall Art 014
More artwork


Children's word games

Coffee table colour


paper christmas ornaments

Sewn together Christmas decorations

Notepads (great gift idea)



  1. Ohhh...what great ideas! They are all so pretty! I am probably the only one who would feel bad about taking paint chips for the purpose of crafting rather than for seeing if I like the colors...LOL!

  2. How amazing are these ideas?! Thanks for sharing, we'll definitely be doing some!

  3. These ideas are amazing. I love the learn to read one best! :D

  4. All of these are so pretty! The heart garland is my fave - so colorful!

  5. What a cool post! I think my girls would like some garlands for their rooms! Thank you!

  6. Who knew you could do all that with paint chips?! Fun ideas!

  7. People think of the darndest things. Love the heart garland and Christmas decorations.


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