Tuesday, April 24, 2012

15 ways to use can ring pulls

It's good to see the art of making something out of nothing hasn't been lost. You won't believe the most amazing things people have been making out of ring pulls from aluminium cans! I can remember my Nanna forever crocheting covers over beer bottles and making poodle dogs or cutting up a Coke can and getting it to resemble a car or a bike. She was such a creative person my Nanna, way before her time. Do you think you might be able to 'pull off' (pardon the pun) some of these crafts? I don't think I'd drink enough cans of soda in a year to get this many ring pulls!

Creative and Cool Uses of Soda Can Pull Tabs (25) 15


Creative and Cool Uses of Soda Can Pull Tabs (25) 2

Unbelievable dragon

Cleo Necklace by Escama Studio

Source: escamastudio.com via . on Pinterest



Pull Tab Flower

Crocheted flower

Ring-Pull Bowl

Woven bowl

DIY Ring Pull Pop Can Lamp F Wonderful DIY Unique Lamp Shade From  Ring Pulls

Light shade


Motor car and motorbike

Recycled ring pull tab dangle Earrings


Clutch purse





  1. Cool items....my favorite project is the earrings!

  2. Oh I love this Anne. They're all very cool, the bags are pretty special but the lamp shade is very cool.

  3. Wow, that dragon is too cool! I need to get crafting on a can ring purse :)

    P.S. Love the new design!!

  4. this is rad! I used to make bracelets out of them when I was little :)

  5. I do that picture hanging tip all the time.

  6. I love the lampshade and the crocheted flower. I can't believe someone made a car out of them!

  7. Wow, some many ways that I would never thought to use them.

    Don't know how comfortable the belt would be though :P


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