Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm bringing back the dessert - Individual Pear Tarte Tatin

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des·sert (diˈzərt)
1. A usually sweet course or dish, as of fruit, ice cream, or pastry, served at the end of a meal.
2. Chiefly British Fresh fruit, nuts, or sweetmeats served after the sweet course of a dinner.

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Here in Australia, a dessert is the last course of a meal, usually lunch or dinner, which consists of sweet ingredients. Dessert, pudding, sweets, tart, cake, pavlova, parfait, blancmange, crepes, cheesecake, ice cream, jelly, fruit, crumble, custard, whatever you want to call it, I'm starting a campaign to bring it back.
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I grew up having sweets/dessert every night for dinner whether it was something as simple as jelly, ice cream and tinned fruit or a hot pudding. We never had weight issues as kids. To me, it balanced off a meal. It doesn't have to be high in calories. There are many low calories choices for example yoghurt, fruit, low fat ice creams, low sugar etc .
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Every Sunday, I plan on sharing an old fashioned (or modern) dessert recipe that the whole family will enjoy.
To get you started, here's a recipe from last year for Individual Pear Tarte Tatin. Tarte Tatin is a French upside-down apple tart in which the apples are caramelised in butter and sugar before the tart is baked. You can use any fruit for this and making an individual serve, you can control the serving size.  These can be stored in the fridge (or frozen) for another night.
Do you have any dessert memories from your childhood?



  1. Anne these desserts are all fabulous. I think my favorite is the pear tarte. Simply devine! Its interesting when I was growing up in the 50's we always had dessert of some sort too. Mom always made the best dinners. She was a real 50's mom like the old tv shows. I only make dessert now usually for Sunday Dinners because otherwise I'd eat it all. Or when the grandkids are over or special occassions etc. I do like to have some sort of sweet somewhere..even just a cookie. But again if I made them I'd end up eating them all. LOL LOL
    It was fairly warm here in colorado when we got here but since then I'm freezing to death. I just changed my clothes and put on some wool pants and a long sleeve top. All these weather patterns and changes are sure something else.

    Thanks for a fun and delicious post. I've now officially had my dessert right off the page. (smile)



  2. Love your idea Anne. For some time now we have also being doing dessert after the evening meal. I also feel it finishes of a beautiful dinner and can be as simple or complicated as you like. My eldest daughter is a great cook and she really loves making desserts, and often we are the lucky recipients. :) my mum did desserts too. She had to be frugal as there were 8 of us :)
    Bread and butter puddings, custard and jelly, jam and coconut slice with custard.

    Thanks Anne, your blog provides me with a safe, comforting place to come.


  3. I have strong memories of self saucing puddings for dessert on the weekend when I was a kid. Always from a packet mix, almost always Apricot flavoured and always served with thickened cream.

    On special occasions mum might have made creme caramel.

    When money was tight, a large tin of pears or peaches with thickened cream.

    Sunday night dessert sounds like a lovely tradition Anne. I hope your kids look back on them as fondly as I do of mine.

    D x


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